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Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing – A Profitable And Effective Modern Marketing Tool

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Pay Per Click

The internet offers wider opportunities for online marketers to expand the reach of their website through affiliate marketing. The affiliate gets to invest in other online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, etc. Pay per click affiliate marketing can be very powerful for any type of business to make money online. Online companies get an increase in sales with too many affiliates promoting products and services for them, and in return the affiliates get to generate revenue.

The affiliate plays the role of a middleman and promotes a merchandise website by getting a high number of traffic, without their active participation it would be highly impossible to promote the website. The affiliate gains stable income from the merchant in promoting and generating leads to the website. In affiliate marketing everyone gets to gain, the customer, the merchant and the affiliate.

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If a buyer purchases a product it gets tracked by the merchandise and the affiliate gets compensated. The compensation is based upon the number of lead conversions or on the number of clicks, but sometimes the affiliate earns a fixed rate at the end of the month. The affiliate can also capture visitors’ information through quick surveys, filling forms and other information sheets. However, it is not as easy as it may sound; there are certain conditions that should be followed. For instance, the affiliate website should deliver quality brand value and the merchant should have a good brand reputation.

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There are two types of schemes for the affiliate to gain commission, the pay per click scheme and the pay per lead scheme, the pay per click scheme is much more popular because the affiliate gets paid only when the customer clicks on the ad, regardless whether the customer purchases from the affiliate or not. As an online marketer you can begin pay per click profitable affiliate marketing by building niche site or a niche blog. The niche site or blog should specifically talk only about one topic. For example, let your website/ blog talk only about vintage cars, fashion apparels, weight loss or relationships. Targeting niche market is a win-win situation for the merchant as well as the affiliate.

Many of the Indian companies are making money with the affiliate program. Few best examples are cited below: Along with booking your means of transportation, you will get to book flights with hotel combo. All an affiliate marketer needs to do is focus on getting customers to the MakeMytrip website. Flipkart affiliate program allows the affiliate to earn commission by placing banners or links to the website.  The affiliate gets to earn every time the user clicks on the banner or link and makes purchases. You can check out the video to know more about Flipkart affiliate program.

Other such Indian companies with affiliate marketing programs are IndiaMart, Yatra, Amazon, Ebay, etc. The top secrets for pay per click profitability is to build a high converting landing page and advertise two-tier and residual affiliate program through your pay per click search advertising.

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