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Savanna Beer Digital Marketing Campaign on Valentine

About Savanna: Savanna Dry is a South African cider introduced by the Distell Group Limited in May 1996. Savanna Dry is sold in over 40 countries, and it is South Africa’s leading cider export and the third-largest cider brand in the world. Distell Group Limited is Africa’s leading producer and marketer of spirits, fine wines, ciders and ready-to-drinks. Distell employs about […]

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Learning To Market To Millennials By Analyzing Their Beer Tastes

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Beer, one of our great pastimes, goes hand-in-hand with football and about as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. But that was then, the past and this is now. Budweiser, the King of Beers, was once the best selling beer in all of the United States and thought to be one of the great American […]

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