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Why Opting for Our Data Analytics Course is a Smart Move?

As technology is flourishing, data is expanding. Deriving meaning out of this vast data needs huge analysis. And that’s why Data Analytics is growing as a career. 

IData suggests that some Data Analyst Jobs offer more than 15,00,000/- Per Annum.

In our Data Analyst Course, we train you on the best combination of tools and theories to analyse data. From introduction to data science & data visualization, we give you a thorough Advanced Excel Training. 

Who Should Take the Data Analytic Course?

  • Freshers interested in starting their career in the Data Analytics Industry 
  • People from finance, sales, supply chain, customer satisfaction who work with Data
  • Professionals from logistics, accounting, marketing, trading, administration, manufacturing, research and development
  • Anyone who wants to get started in the industry of Data Visualization, Data Science or Analytics 

Data Analytics Course Enrollments Map

  • Students 50% 50%
  • Non-IT Professionals 40% 40%
  • IT Professionals 10% 10%

Data Analytics Course Syllabus

Digital Vidya’s Data Analytics Course is prudently embedded with Advanced Excel training. The course directs to refine the efforts of professionals in Sales, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Operations, Supply-Chain, Logistics, Finance, and Trading. The advanced excel course coupled with an introduction to data science and visualization helps a fresher or an analytics aspirant to get started in the Data Science & Analytics industry. 

In a recent report on European Data Science Salary, Excel was positioned as the most used tool by analysts. 70% of Data Science & Analytics professionals use Advanced Excel techniques. Our Data Analytics Course Using Excel builds a learner’s knowledge to perform the most complex calculations and process huge amount of data in a short span of time.

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Analysis Pipeline
  • What is Data Extraction?
  • Types of Data
  • Raw and Processed Data
  • Data Wrangling
  • Overview of the Analytics Techniques, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Industry Examples
  • Introduction
    • – GUI
    • – Cell Referencing
    • – Freeze panes
    • – Sum function
  • Useful functions
    • – Counting functions
    • – Summing functions
    • – Averaging functions
    • – Rounding functions
  • Sorting and filtering
    • – Multi-level sort
    • – Custom filter
  • Duplicates
    • – Remove duplicates
  • Working with text
    • – Concatenate
    • – Left, right, upper, lower
  • Working with conditions
    • – Conditional Formatting
    • – Logical Operations
    •   IF, AND, OR, Nested IF
  • Data functions
    • – Splitting
    • – Creating dates
  • Fetching and comparing data sets
    • – $ Referencing
    • – Vlookup and Hlookup
    • – Match and Index
  • Named ranges
    • – Name Box
  • What-if-Analysis
    • – Goal Seek
    • – Data Table
    • – Scenario Manager
  • Solver Plug-in
    • – Solver plug-in
  • Pivot tables
    • – Dimensions & Measures
    • – Multi-layer Pivot Table
    • – Summarize Values by
    • – Show Values as Grouping
  • Charts
    • – Various Charts
    • – Pivot Charts
    • – Combo Charts
    • <li style="list-style-type: none !important;"- Sparklines

  • – Descriptive Statistics
  • – Inferential Statistics
  • – Regression
  • – Anova
  • – Correlation
  • – Covariance
  • – Histogram
  • Core Database Concepts
    • – Relational Database Concepts
    • – Data types
    • – Tables
  • SQL Queries
    • – Select, Insert, Update, Delete
  • SQL Views
    • – Creating and Updating


Power BI – Introduction

  • Calculated Columns & Measures
  • Excel Tables
  • Dashboard
  • Power BI Components
  • Importing Data
  • Clean & Transform Data
  •  Modeling

 Power BI – Building Dashboards, Manipulating data using DAX, Importing Data from multiple sources

  • DAX Functions
  • Visualizations
  • Introduction to Power BI Service
  • Publishing
  • Power BI and Excel
  • Import from data other Services
  •  Dashboards
  •  Power BI Mobile
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Data Analytics Course Assignments

Assignments are important to engage students deeply with the course objectives. In our data analyst course training program, we provide you with industry-relevant assignments to allow you to nurture your practical and analytical skills. Our aim is to broaden your view to discover new possibilities with data analytics.

Digital Vidya’s Data Analyst Course where we teach Advanced Data Analytics using Excel is a product of a tremendous Research & Development process. We are on our toes to help you work on these assignments and derive the best possible value. A person from the operations team will help you with your queries to make sure that you are able to do your assignments effortlessly.

Introduction to Analytics Techniques & Fundamentals of Excel

Gettig started with basic functions regarding Sum, Multiplication, Subtraction, Average etc

Working on Sorting & Filtering

Work on SUMIF, COUNTIF etc. formula, Sort & Filtering, Type of Data in Excel, Useful Functions, Sorting & Filtering, Data Validation & Data Cleaning

Working with Dates & Starting out with Other Conditions

Date Functions and working with Conditions in Excel

Getting Started with Data Manipulation

Data Manipulation using V-Lookup & H-Lookup, Database function

Working with Tables & Drop-down Functions

Match & Index Formula, Dropdown function, Excel Tables & Data Analysis

Getting Deep with Analytical Applications

Protection of sheet, Converting data range into the table, Use of Group, Ungroup & Subtotal Function, What-if-analysis
Data Visualization, Array Functions & Introduction to VBA Macros

Working with Pivot Tables

Get started with working on Pivot Tables 

Getting Friendly with the Basics of SQL

Selection of data from the given table, Renaming of Column, Selection and Filtering of data

Working with Intermediate SQL Capabilities

Creating Distinct list, Joining of two different tables using key, Creating of tables, Display of tables, Updation of data.

Data Analytics Using Excel Course Capstone Projects 

Capstone Projects help you to gain real-time exposure and are seen as the best form of learning in Data Analytics. At Digital Vidya, we provide you with an integrated learning experience of data analytics using robust capstone projects. After the Advanced Excel Course, and introduction to SQL & Data Science landscape, your learning will be strong enough to work on these projects.

Our Research & Development team constantly works on creating comprehensive course materials with strong Case Studies or Projects to enhance your learning experience. You will get dedicated support through from our tutorial assistants and a 24*7 discussion forum.

Risk Assessment of Credit Card Customers

data analyst course

As a Data Analyst, you will get a deep insight into the banking and finance industry. You will be asked to work on analysing the data of credit card customers and identify the risks associated with each of them.

After analysis, you will be expected to determine which kind of customers are risky, and which ones are safe. You will also need to find out which one of those should be blacklisted.

IPL Data Analysis

data analyst course

As a Data Analyst, this Capstone project will help you analyze IPL data from previous years. You will be able to identify how each player has been performing as a Batsman, Bowler, and a Fielder. You will also understand how each Team has been performing.

Your skills of Excel will be put to test with the kind of analysis that you have to solve.

Analyzing the Business of Computer Rentals

data analyst course

Corporations, Small Business and Freelancers are constantly in need of hardware for short spans of time to do certain gigs. Reasons may range from travelling to working on a specific project. 

In all rationality, it’s a lot more expensive to buy such equipment than taking it on rent. In this project, you will be expected to draw inferences from data related to computer rentals and relevant recommendations. 

Data Analytics Course Schedule

Data Analytics Self Paced Course


Duration of Data Analytics Self Paced Course

16 Weeks


Data Analytics Course Assignments

30+ Hours

Ask about the trainers, mode of delivery, curriculum, projects and job prospects after this Advanced Excel Course for Data Analytics

Tools that You Will Learn in this Data Analytics Training

data analyst course


data analyst course


data analyst course

Introduction to Qlik View

data analyst course


data analyst course

Introduction to Tableau

Why Study Data Analytics Online?

Instructor-led online courses help you to get the best training experience and pave the way to get trained on analytics from expert trainers from around the globe. 

Take this program to train yourself in Advanced Excel Course for Analytics!

We take multiple demo sessions every day!

Expert Faculty

Learn Data Analytics from the most recognized industry experts

Attend from Anywhere

Flexibility to attend the course sessions anywhere and anytime in the world

No Commuting

Save precious time that would otherwise be wasted in travelling

Engaging & Practical

18+ hours course with assignments to enhance your learning exposure

Session Recording

Missed the last session! No worries, you’ll get the recording to your inbox 

Lifetime Updates

Get access to improved course version throughout your life 

Top Data Analytics Trainers From Across the Industry

We have the top trainers with over 10+ years of industry experience. Each of them is a veteran in the field and stands tall in his domain.

Data Analytics Course Using Excel – Course Advisors

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Data Analytics Course Certifications

data analyst course

Digital Vidya’s Data Analytics Certificate

How to get this Certificate?

The participants will get a Data Analytics Certificate issued by Digital Vidya on successful completion of all the assignments and case studies.

data analyst course

Vskills Data Analytics Certificate

How to get this Certificate?

The participants will get a Data Analytics Certificate issued by Vskills on successful completion of the course. (A nominal fee of Rs. 1770 is involved.)

Get all the details about Data Analytics Syllabus & Certifications

Our Data Analytics Course Student Reviews

It was a tremendous journey right from the beginning. A huge opportunity opened in front of us in the Data Science world.

Mohan Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Great experience. Easy and organized learning, great approach.

Prerna Sathiyal


Digital Vidya gave me a comprehensive knowledge of Data science within a very short period of time.

Rahul God

Founder COO

Case studies and projects improved my skills and gave me the confidence to call myself a data scientist.

Arvind S


This course is best for beginners and it will give you complete exposure of every field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Anshul Singh


It was a great experience. Got to learn many new things going on in the present industry.

Lipi Sahu


Expert Industry Leaders Speak About Digital Vidya

Akshay Sehgal, Data Science, Reliance Industries, General Manager
Digital Vidya is doing a great job at bringing data analytics to the rest of the world!

Akshay Sehgal, General Manager

Ambuj Kathuria, Birlasoft, Head – Data & Analytics
Digital Vidya is doing a great job of bringing people from diverse set of experiences to one platform for creating the best of Data Science skill pipeline.

Ambuj Kathuria, Head – Data & Analytics

Ravi Vijayaraghavan,, President and Head – Analytics and Decision Sciences
Creating a talent pool in India with Practical hands-on experience in Analytics and Data Science is the need of the hour. Platforms like Digital Vidya are critical to filling this gap.

Ravi Vijayaraghavan, President and Head – Analytics and Decision Sciences


Data Analytics Course Using Excel Course FAQs

How do I get certified in Data Analytics?

You need to follow this course of 12 weeks with Digital Vidya to get certified in Data Analytics. This means you will have to take this data analysis courses for beginners and complete all the course assignments and projects. You also need to have 80% attendance to qualify for the certification. Vskills certificate can be acquired subsequently by passing their exam at their allocated exam center or via their online platform.

Is Data Analytics Course difficult?

The course is designed for a beginner and all possible care is taken to make the learner understand the course well. If you take this data analytics course for beginners seriously by attending all the online sessions and submitting your assignments and projects, learning data analytics will be a cakewalk.

Some basic background knowledge of statistics to mater Analytics. In this program, we have a robust advanced excel course couple with introduction statistics that are relevant for this level.

What are the responsibilities of a Data Analyst?

A Data Analyst works on a plethora of data to get meaningful results. For this, he has to take an advanced excel course and be awesome with working on data. He also needs strong foundations in statistics to draw meaningful results from the data. Both advanced excel and statistics are covered in our data analytics course in-depth to make you perform your duties efficiently and accurately.

What is the course duration of this Data Analyst Training?

This course is a combination of an advanced excel course and an introduction to data analytics and visualization. You may consider it to be a combo of three courses in a way. To complete this Data Analytics Course for beginners, you will take almost 12 weeks. You will have to work on your assignments/projects post that.

What is the average salary of a Data Analyst?

612,381 lakhs per annum is the average salary wage of a Data Analyst. Your salary take depends on your skills. To be a successful Data Analyst, you need to start from an advanced excel course total coverage of advanced excel and SQL tools. Digital Vidya’s Data Analyst course gives you the best approach to reach the level of best Data Analyst in the town.

Is the Data Analytics course for beginners or professionals?

Digital Vidya provides Data Analytics course for beginners to enhance their basic skills to advanced level.

What is Data Analytics Course all about?

The Data Analytics course includes the modules of Advanced Excel Training, usage Excel and SQL tools, Mathematics (algebra, probability and Statistics) and data manipulation.

What is the job sector I can join after completion of Data Analyst Course?

There are a handful of job opportunities in all sectors once you complete with data Analyst course. You can join private equity firms, healthcare industry, retail, marketing, investment banks or anywhere you like. Data Analyst fit well in all the possible industries.

What is the least qualification required to take Data Analyst course at Digital Vidya?

This Data Analytics Course using Excel for beginners doesn’t need you to have any prior qualifications except for good logical abilities. To go into the field of Data Analytics or Data Visualizations, this would be the starting point where you will get trained on advanced excel and be given an introduction to data science & visualisation.

Does Digital Vidya provide recorded videos of the sessions?

Yes. You will get all the recorded videos regardless of attending or missing the actual session. Apart from that, as a loyalty bonus, you will also get access to free lifetime updates of this data analytics course.

Are Data Analysts high in demand?

Yes, you must have heard the phrase, “Data is the New Oil”. Data Analytics is a crucial term in the ever-increasing Artificial Intelligence domain. By 2020, Data Analytics is predicted to be the best job around the world.

Is the 12-Week Course certificate valuable enough to enter MNCs?

Maybe yes, maybe not. 12 weeks is not a great time to learn a particular skill. As said this is a data analytics course for beginners. It also depends on your own capacity. In our estimation, this is a course that will help you get a Data Analyst’s Job, but you would need to prove your mettle and skills.

If you are looking for a job in an MNC with placement assistance, we recommend you to take our Data Science Using Python Course.

How can we practically learn Data Analytics sitting at home?

In this Data Analytics Online course, Digital Vidya fully engages you in assignments, real-time case studies and interactive sessions which keeps you no different from offline computer sessions.

Is good mathematical knowledge compulsory to become a Data Analyst?

Definitely. Data Analytics course is based on algebra and probability.

What are the certificates issued by Digital Vidya?

Digital Vidya provides you with 2 certificates on successful completion of Data Analyst Course. The certificates are issued by Digital Vidya and Vskills.


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