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10 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Today with the advent of smartphone technology, mobile phones are slowly replacing desktops and even laptops. Today in India, 8 people possess a mobile phone in every 10 people. As the usage of mobiles and mobile internet services increases, the marketers of corporates should be on their toes to implement mobile marketing in their marketing […]

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Case Study on World Wide Fund : Don’t Let This Be My #LastSelfie

A successful social media campaign by WWF, to spread awareness and raise funds to save endangered animals The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is the world’s largest nature & wildlife conservation NGO. Formerly named World Wildlife Fund, it was founded on April 29, 1961, with a motto to build a future in which people and […]

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Flipkart’s #DoThumbThing Boosts Its M-Commerce

Objectives of #DoTheThumbThing Campaign: This social media campaign of Flipkart had three objectives: Main aim was to launch the specialized mobile app of and to woo new users for the same. Another objective was to create a buzz and hype around the new application. A kind of awareness to the people to see the […]

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Is It Time For Your Brand To Tap Into Mobile?

There was a time when the concept of Smartphone was a revolution in tech industry. That could be the time for Steve Jobs to connect the dots. However, Smartphone is now officially the most persistent piece of technology as well as the most used by the users worldwide. Mobile device in the hands of so […]

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5 Mobile Marketing Steps Of Sending Messages To Right Audience

“How to word the right message to the right person at the right time?” is what every marketer is worried about. Cost efficiency is another factor which is of prime consideration. So what are the five most important steps which must be kept in mind before a marketer embarks upon the journey to a successful […]

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