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  • 63% Experts believe that Python should be the first language learnt by Data Scientists* 
  • Data Scientists who know both R & Python, recommend Python over R*
  • Python is used by 76% Data Scientists and is preferred by non-statisticians*
  • Highly in-demand skill that is ranked as the #2 skill sought by recruiters in India
  • Super Powerful Language with a Huge Online Community that comes to rescue when you’re in need
  • Python is an Open Source Language which makes it easy to install and upgrade
  • Extremely beneficial to use in Data Science due to the great visualizations that it allows to be created 
  • A very easy to learn with great flexibility to change the code once designed
  • Supported by a great number of Data Analytics Libraries which are ever-growing

* 2017 Kaggle Survey 



Batch Details Dates Duration Days Course Fees
Regular Batch 01 Dec 2019 13 weeks Sunday USD 629/- Register Now

Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like our training, ask for 100% course fees refund after your 1st live session.
Group Discount: 10% discount for 3 or more registrations
Two Offers can not be clubbed together. 


  • Introduction To Data Analytics
    An introduction topic to understand the drivers of data analytics field and its ecosystem.
  • Python Programming
    In-depth understanding of Python Data Types, Functions and NumPy Arrays that come in handy while analysing data using Pandas.
  • Introduction to Pandas
    Learn Pandas – a Python library that provides high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.
  • Data Visualization
    Data Visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn. Creating different types of plots with single or multiple lines, multiple figures and axes.
  • Advanced Data Analysis Using Pandas
    Data Wrangling, Text Mining and Time Series Analysis. Loading data from different file formats and connecting with databases.
  • Applied Statistics And Machine Learning
    This section will introduce the students to the machine learning concepts and then dive into the sci-kit library. It will cover the supervised algorithms like regression, KNN, Random Forest etc, and unsupervised learning using K-means. It will also take the students through model evaluation and tuning.
  • Hands-on Capstone Project
    It is not just hours of Theory! As a part of the course, the learners have to undertake the Capstone project which is the culminating assignment that will allow them to have an integrated experience of the program. The approach to this project is to think, define, design, code, test and tune your own solution, in such a way that you apply all aspects of the data analytics process. The real world is filled with text data and is usually messy hence cleaning and handling text is an important step towards making smarter Machine Learning Algorithms. You will be working on one such usual messy dataset which hides a lot of information under the hood which is waiting to be discovered.

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We partner with numerous organizations who directly source their Data Science manpower needs from us. From resume creation to helping you crack the final interview, our dedicated placement team is always on toes to connect talent with the right opportunity.


The Candidates resume is refined and polished as per Market Standards to help them be searchable.

The Resume is shared with relevant organisations by our placement team.

The Candidates are prepared for an initial quiz and a coding test.

Finally, the candidates are prepared for the final round of interview.


Vaishali Garg

DS Technical Expert at Thinkful

Pritesh Shrivastava

Data Scientist

Rohit Kumar


Shaheer Ahmad Khan



Shweta Gupta

VP, Data Science

Vishal Mishra

CEO & Co-Founder, Right Relevance

Ajay Ohri

Sr. Data Scientist at Kogentix Inc.

Manas Garg

Director of Engineering, PayPal Inc


How to get Data Science Using Python Certification?

  1. On registration, you will receive participation details for 15 weeks live instructor-led online training program. You can access these sessions anywhere and even on the go through your mobile from any city and any country provided you have a good stable internet connection.
  2. Once you complete this 15 weeks training course with a minimum of 75% attendance, you will become eligible to take the Python Capstone Project.

  3. Successful Completion of the Project means that you have successfully completed the course and are now eligible for the certificate for the course. 



I finished my BTech in 2017, but I am not yet working. Am I eligible to do the training and placement?

Yes, you are eligible if you meet the admission criterion for the program.

I finished my BTech in 2017, and I am working in a company where I have notice period of 40 days.. Am I eligible to do the training and placement?

You are eligible to take the training, however, NOT eligible for the 100% Interview Guarantee.
The companies are not willing to invest their effort in recruitment of freshers of they have to wait for the notice period.

I finished my BTech in 2016, but I am not yet working. Am I eligible to do the training and placement?

The industry generally puts it criterion for freshers as the passout the same year or maximum previous. You will unfortunately not make it in that category.

You will of course have opportunity where the industry is looking for open category placements. However that is not covered under this particular offer.

I am currently finishing my BTech final semester. My earlier CGPA is less than 6, but I am sure to improve it in the final term. Am I eligible for the course and placement.

You are eligible to take the training, however, NOT eligible for the 100% Interview Guarantee till your final CGPA is observed to be > 6.0

I am an existing participant of Digital Vidya Data Science using Python course, and am a fresher. Will I qualify for this new course launch.

If you are an existing participant of Digital Vidya ‘Data Science using Python’ course and meet the prerequisites for this particular offering, please work with your Program Coordinator to complete the admission process. You will be considered based on following:
a) You have completed their assignments and Capstone Project, you will be eligible to move to the Placement process along with the June batch.

b) You have not completed assignments and Capstone Project. You are asked to give us a due date by which you will complete. This must be by 30 July, 2018 and no later. You will be eligible to move to the Placement process along with the July batch.

The offer for existing students will be valid only for June and July 2018 and no later.


What is the starting package in the industry?

Salary offered to the freshers vary and it can be Rs.20 thousand to Rs. 1 lac per month depending on your education, grades, college, university and interview performance. We can not commit average salary.

What kind of roles do companies have for freshers in the industry?


You are taken as a trainee- Data Scientist/ Junior Software Engineer-Data Science. You may get a different role and technology based on your performance in the selection process.

What is Digital Vidya process for the internship?

You may have to undergo the aptitude test or code test depending on the selection criteria of  the company for the particular project.

How many interview calls can I get?


We have not kept any limitation for the interview calls. You will continue getting calls or job alerts. You need to apply for the jobs that are relevant for you. We may not be able to communicate directly till your resume gets shortlisted by the company. We present the entire database of students with the companies, and they select the relevant students based on their analysis of your profile, education and other achievements in the career.

How many companies can I apply after getting the first job offer?

You will be allowed one more job opportunity after you have your First Job Offer.


Will I be able to choose the location of my placement?

You need to be flexible to take up the location based on the job opportunities.

I have done my training course from another company. Can I directly get placement?


No, you will need to do the full course and meet the completion criterion to be eligible for the placement

I am in BTech 3rd Year student, going for the 4th Year in 2018. When will I be eligible for DV placement support?

Your placement will start cose to your BTech completion date.

What happens if I refuse the placement offer?


We share the information about the company and salary range with an understanding that you will be open for some salary negotiation. You are expected to apply for a job after your analysis of the company. You may refuse the offer, but you can not claim priority service after the refusal of the first offer. We will still keep sending the job-alerts. Our primary goal is to place maximum students so we do not discriminate but cannot focus on you if you refuse the first offer.

Do you have positions with the reputed brands, global MNCs and big Indian companies?


Yes. We have partnered with the top brands in the country- MNCs and Indian companies.  We submit the profiles to such big brands or companies on a regular basis, but recruitment of freshers is not a daily but a cyclical or seasonal process. Remember, big companies have strict selection criteria regarding education, university, college because they offer excellent salaries so sometimes your resume may not get priority from big companies despite we submitting the profiles.

Why you are offering jobs from small and start-up companies?

Start-up companies are more flexible to hire freshers as they are in the growth phase and they are your optimal chance to get an immediate job and make an entry in the new field. The best part of working with startups is that you will have the opportunity to be the big fish, contributing in building core pieces the work. This is the kind of experience that will enable you to grow in the field of Data Science, often faster than the kind of experience one could have in a large company setup.


You should always grab the first job that you get in the new field, gain valuable experience in the first company. The key factor is how much can you learn and contribute in your early years, rather than the size of the company, big or small.


E.g. Flipkart, Ola, Zomato,Swiggy, Paytm, Infosys were startups once and people who joined in the initial stages became millionaires or started their own companies.


Can I get refund if I am unable to complete my assignments/project?

You will not be eligible for any refund in case of non-completion of the course.

Can I get refund if my interviews are not scheduled?


The course has been designed to enable you to become a Data Scientist at a very reduced price. Please do not devalue your own learning by asking for refund. The fee structure is already created to only charge to a minimum fee with staggered interval. You will anyway not pay the final ₹5000, until your first interview process kicks-off.

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