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Inbound Marketing Training

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Unlike old techniques of outbound marketing, Inbound Marketing refers to techniques & tools to generate pull towards your product and service. It’s one of the most sustainable channels for Lead Generation and Customers including for B2B businesses.

Let us empower and enable you to unleash the potential of Inbound Marketing for your organization. And, in the process, help you ensure that your people have acquired the right skills to take charge of your organizational growth on Digital Media.
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    Let us customize training curriculum for you.

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    • CXO’s
    • Business Heads
    • Sales & Marketing Team
    • Digital Marketing Team
    • PR & Communication Team
    • CRM Team
    • Product Managers

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    • Orientation to Inbound Marketing
    • Why should every brand care about Inbound Marketing?
    • How to identify and leverage Engagement Magnets to generate pull for your product or service?
    • How to convert your visitors into prospects through techniques such as Landing Page Optimization?
    • How to leverage Drip Email Marketing campaigns for Learn Nurturing?
    • How to measure and optimize conversions?


    Training Duration

    2 Days

    Recommended Training Agenda

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    Module 1 Attracting your potential customers into conversion funnel

    • Various ways to build reach through Digital Marketing
    • What are Engagement Magnets?
    • How to identify right set of engagement magnets for your business?
    • Effectiveness of various Engagement Magnet
    • Digital Reach Building Strategy through Inbound Interest Generation

    Module 2 Converting your prospects into leads using emails

    • What is Audience aggreation?
    • Benefits of Audience Aggreation
    • How to do Audience Aggreation through Emails

    Module 3 Landing page

    • Conversion Oriented Landing Page Design
    • Investment in Landing Page
    • Is it for me?
    • What is it?
    • Critical concerns to address on landing page
    • What’s the next step


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    Module 1 Conversion Optimization

    • Role of Conversion
    • Understanding Customer Psyche
    • Conversion Optimization User Flow and Persuasion
    • Online Persuasion
    • True meaning of Landing Page
    • User Flow and Online Persuasion

    Module 2 Conversion Optimization Patterns for Engaging website Visitors

    • Patterns for Engaging Website Visitors
    • Pattern#1 Pop-Ups
    • Pattern#2 Pop Under Call to Action
    • Pattern#3 – Inside Article CTA

    Module 3 Life Cycle Emails

    • Life Cycle Emails: What and Why?
    • Lead Nurturing with Drip Email Marketing:How?


    What will participants get at the end of the training?

    • Digital Vidya’s Certificate to every participant
    • All presentations of the workshop (soft copies)
    • Soft Copies of various Worksheets (e.g. Inbound Marketing Strategy)
    • A comprehensive list of Digital Marketing Resources (including Tools) for continuous support
    • Digital Vidya Alumni Privileges: Access to Weekly Webinars, Exclusive offers on other training programs and more

    Why Digital Vidya’s in-house Trainings?

    • Curriculum developed by Digital Marketing thought Leaders with over 14 years of Digital Marketing Industry Experience
    • Customized to Your Business Objectives
    • Experiential Workshops with Live, Hands-on Exercises
    • Learning delivered through relevant Global & Local Case Studies

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    Let us customize training curriculum for you.
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