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Why Learn Cyber Security?

  • 3.5 Million unfilled Cyber Security Jobs by 2021
  • 7/10 Best IT Jobs are in Cyber Security
  • Median Salary for Cyber Security Jobs in $90,000
  • Cybersecurity job have increased by 74% over 5 years..
  • 5,000+ Monthly Cyber Security Job Openings


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Why do a Cyber Security Course?

Careers in Cyber Security are the new success mantra. Jobs in Cyber Security are on a rise Globally with Forbes predicting a rise in jobs to be 6 Million by 2019.

Talking about career opportunities in cyber security, courses in cyber security give way to positions in forensics, security, analyst and more. Precisely, cyber security courses in India lead the way to jobs such as Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Security Architect, Forensic Investigator, and Cybersecurity Specialist.

The return on investment, both in terms of time and money for taking up a cyber security training is amazing. Experts predict a 9% rise in the pay rate of cybersecurity professionals if he/she shifts from an unrelated IT field to Cyber Security.

According to India Today, the median salary for a professional who has strong training in cyber security in India is around 19.8 lakhs. So, cyber security courses in India have a high ROI at the moment.

The job portal ‘Indeed’ also has revealed that there is a 150% increase in Cyber Security Jobs. And the best part is that you don’t need any special degree to take this Cyber Security Training, a basic bachelor’s degree is enough.

Our Cyber Security Training Enrollments

  • Students 30% 30%
  • IT Professionals 40% 40%
  • Non-IT Professionals 30% 30%

8 Modules

Curriculum for Our Cyber Security Courses

Introduction to Information Security & Cyber Security

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Cyber Laws

Basics of Networking

  • Network Terminologies
  • Introduction to Networks
  • Network Protocols
  • IP Address
  • IP Subnets
  • DHCP Server
  • NAT

Network Terminologies – II

  • Ports
  • VPN
  • OSI Model
  • Web Technologies
  • Proxy Servers
  • DNS Server
  • TCP/ IP Model
  • Phishing Attacks & Preventions
  • Social Engineering
  • End to End Encryption
  • IDN Homograph Attack
  • Spear Phishing
  • Fake Emails
  • Emails Tracing & Tracking
  • Information Gathering and Digital Footprinting
  • Windows Security Layers & Bypassing
  • Malware Illustration – Introduction to Malwares
  • Keyloggers
  • Ransomware
  • Create Trojan
  • Evade Antivirus
  • Botnets and Rootkits
  • System Protection from Malwares
  • Secure System Configuration
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Write Own Tool Script
  • SFX – Self File Extraction
  • Introduction to System Hardening
  • Basic Security Configuration
  • Automated Security Analyzers – Lynis , MBSA
  • Introduction to Wireless Networking
  • Understand Security Configurations
  • Capture Wireless Communication Packets
  • Attacks on WEP Encryption
  • Attacks on WPA / WPA2 Encryption
  • Understanding WPS and Attacks on WPS
  • Tools to automate attacks on Wireless Network
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Understand and create filters
  • Sniffing wireless networks with Wireshark
  • Introduction to WordPress CMS
  • External Themes & Plugins
  • Understanding and Exploiting WordPress
  • Arbitrary File in WordPress
  • Introduction to Network Security
  • Basic Concepts and Terminologies
  • Basic Network Scanning
  • Network Attacks
  • ARP Poisoning
  • SSL Stripping
  • Network Exploitation Frameworks : Xerosploit and Bettercap
  • Introduction To Network Security Analysis
  • CVE , CVSS , CWE
  • Advance Network scanning- Nmap and Zenmap
  • Search & Add Exploits
  • Network Attacks with Ettercap on WLAN
  • DNS Poisoning Attack – WLAN
  • ARP Poisoning Attack – WLAN
  • Introduction to Nessus
  • Lab Setup and Plugins
  • Network Analysis with Nessus
  • Report Generation with Nessus
  • Console Based Exploitation Demo -1
  • Console Based Exploitation Demo -2
  • Introduction to Kimi Framework
  • Console Based Exploitation Demo -3
    ○ Post Exploitation – Privilege Escalation
  • GUI Based Exploitation
  • Backdoor for OsX and Linux
  • Gain Access to Android Devices
  • Introduction to Web Architecture & Components
  • Web Security Misconceptions
  • HTML Basics
  • Server Setup
  • PHP Basics
  • Basic Web Applications in HTML + PHP
  • Web Security Standards: OWASP Top 10
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • SQL Basics
  • WAVE Setup & Configuration
  • SQL injection – Authentication Bypass
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • DVWA Setup & Configuration
  • Union Based SQL Injection
  • Error Based Injection
  • SqlMap Kali Linux
  • Introduction to Firewall, IDS, IPS & Honey Pots
  • Misconfigured Web Application Firewalls
  • Bypassing Web Firewall
  • Post Parameter Injection
  • Arbitrary File Upload
  • Application to automate VAPT
  • Introduction To Burp Suite
  • Brute Forcing Using Burp Suite
  • Command Execution Vulnerability
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • CSRF
  • Missing Functional Level Access Control
  • Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
  • Tools To automate VAPT
  • Introduction to Penetration Testing
  • Ethics of a Penetration Tester
  • Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Scope Analysis
  • Customers and Legal Agreements
  • Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
  • Ethics of a Penetration Tester
  • Types of Penetration Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • External Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • Database Penetration Testing
  • VOIP Penetration Testing
  • VPN Penetration Testing
  • Report Generation and Documentation
  • Router Penetration Testing
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • GUI Tool – Router PT
  • Windows Memory Management System
  • Memory Recovery Tools
  • Assembly Language Basics
  • Intro to Debuggers – x32 , x64
  • Reverse Engineering using Algorithm Reversing
  • Demo 1 – Live Application
  • Demo 2 – Live Application
  • Reverse Engineering using File Manipulation
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Types of Encryption and Hashes
  • Introduction to Hash Cracking & Cuda Cracking
  • Kali Linux Tools – Wifite, Wash, Reaver

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Key Takeaways of Digital Vidya’s Cyber Security Course 

The Best Cyber Security Course in India 

Digital Vidya has created this Cyber Security Course after studying all the top Cyber Security Training Programs the world over. Our expertise in online education and 9+ Years of Experience has led us to train 35,000+ Professionals through 3000+ Training Programs.    

Combining the research with our experience, a course in cybersecurity was created taking a complete novice into consideration. The course progresses to make you a profound Cyber Security Professional by the end of the program.  

High-Value Assignments
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Laid Back Learning 

Description of Our Cyber Security Online Course

If you are serious about taking Cyber Security as a career, then this is the course for you. Digital Vidya’s Cyber Security Online Course has been designed in a manner that it takes you from right from the beginning to the deepest valleys of Cyber Security.

Digital Vidya’s Cyber Security Courses focus on creating world-class learning material with special focus on practical implementation and actionable tips. This helps our Cyber Security Training help our participants to gain real-world insights. Our multiple assignments and specialized guides make this Cyber Security Course comprehensive and applicable.

Peer to Peer learning that is encouraged on our active learning management system, makes this cyber security training involving. 

All these reasons add up to make this course the best, yet most affordable Cyber Security Course in India.

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2 Certifications

Cyber Security Certifications

Digital Vidya's Cyber Security Certification

How to get this Certificate?

On successful completion of all assignments and the project,, the participant will get a Cyber Security Certificate issued by Digital Vidya.

Vskills Cyber Security Certification

How to get this Certificate?

On successful passing of the VSkills examination, the participant will get a Cyber Security Certificate issued by VSkills.

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What do our students say about us?

It was a tremendous journey right from the beginning. Huge opportunity opened in front of us in Data Science world.

Mohan Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Great experience. Easy and organized learning, great approach.

Prerna Sathiyal


Digital Vidya gave me a comprehensive knowledge of Data science within a very short period of time.

Rahul God

Founder COO

Case studies and projects improved my skills and given me confidence to call myself a data scientist.

Arvind S


This course is best for beginners and it will give you complete exposure of every field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Anshul Singh


It was a great experience. Got to learn many new things going on in the present industry.

Lipi Sahu


What do Industry Leaders say about Digital Vidya?

Digital Vidya is doing a great job at bringing data analytics to the rest of the world!

Akshay Sehgal, General Manager

Digital Vidya is doing a great job of bringing people from diverse set of experiences to one platform for creating the best of Data Science skill pipeline.

Ambuj Kathuria, Head – Data & Analytics

Creating a talent pool in India with Practical hands-on experience in Analytics and Data Science is the need of the hour. Platforms like Digital Vidya are critical to filling this gap.

Ravi Vijayaraghavan, President and Head – Analytics and Decision Sciences


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