Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners

Digital Marketing Books

Recommended by our Experts

This one comes with special recommendation – the author was hosted by Google in Mountainview to talk about winning new business. This is perhaps the Bible of modern day sales. Replete with hilarious stories, the authors’ own experiences and a powerful six step process that guarantees total understanding of how sales works. Highly recommended for people who are already in senior sales roles and want to renew how they look at their field of choice­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Recommended by Reema Prasanna

A book for all aspiring entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. This book talks about how today’s top companies like Uber, PayPal, Airbnb, Amazon, Apple disrupted the market and became industry leaders. Platform Revolution is an amazing fact-based book to understand the secret of success of these companies.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Recommended by Deepesh Sharma

This is more of a sales beginners’ book and demystifies the idea of “why people buy” before one can truly understand “how to sell”. The author does sometimes sound a bit pompous but his focus is more on fixing your own attitude than about picking up temporary tricks to bag sales. That may be a reason why this book is great for people who are already convinced sales is their calling or who own their own businesses and will do what it takes to make sales central to their business values

Recommended by Reema Prasanna

If you’re trying to brand an organization, this is the “how to” book you should read. Regardless of the size and type of your organization – small or midsized, for profit or nonprofit, or even family owned – or stage of branding you’re in, this book is chock full of concise, real world, step-by-step information, written in down to earth language. Although larger marketers could easily benefit from this book, it’s written with the understanding that most organizations do not possess a multi-million dollar war chest

Recommended by Reema Prasanna

This book is not specifically for Digital Marketing, however covers fundamentals of Digital and New Age marketing. I like this book for sheer simplicity of ideas and impactful examples. Any one from student, working profession to entrepreneur will benefit from this book.

Recommended by Manish Mahendiratta

You can’t just read and not become fan of this book. Super book. They have books focussed on each module Email Marketing band Social, Display module. Their books are so thorough and covers things step by step. Try other books of The Truth About Series

Recommended by Manish Mahendiratta

I found ‘Social Media Marketing for Dummies’ – the best guide for SMM. It touches upon strategy and tactics very well. If I am not mistaken they keep revising the editions – hence it is as updated on features etc. as possible for a published book. This can be a guide book for reference during the course and later.

Recommended by Saumar Deka

It introduces the perspective of ‘social capital’. It is a good read for people who have been practising social media for sometime, or at least understands the nuances of all the major platforms. Ps. Tara Hunt is a good blogger to follow online too.

Recommended by Saumar Deka

The most common mistake digital marketers make while designing any kind of communication is “giving users too many options”. This happens while designing website/landing pages, creating emailers, writing ad copies and writing blog posts. This book helps in aligning your thought process.

Recommended by Kapil Nakra

Marketing (especially online) works best once you figure out what’s different about your product/offering, and build a story around that.

Recommended by Nikhil Verma

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