Step 1: Select Topics for your Blog Post

Creating a bucket of ideas and strategizing your future blog posts

As the first step, all you need to do is analyse your target audience and their search behaviour. it’s important to write down the problem before providing a solution. Understand what your audience would have searched on Google to find the solution. Which language style is suitable for communication?

For eg: If you are into travel blogging, you need to find out what kind of information are people looking out? Is it related to travel destinations or guidance about how to plan a travel. 


  • Make an educated guess
  • Talk to people who could be potential readers of your website and ask them what they want to read about
  • Conduct a survey with a small set of people to discover their information needs
  • Have a topic suggestion box on your blog where they can enter the topics they want to read about and submit to you
  • Notice the comments on other blogs in your niche and see what need is unfulfilled
  • Browse through forums and see what people are asking about
  • Find out posts that have done very well in other blogs and learn what they are missing – fill that and post on your blog

Pick out terms and and analyse what kind of people are looking to solve the problem. Get to know them better! Dig Deeper!

You need to monitor the conversations, to see who are the thought leaders. What are they talking about? Read the comments on their blog posts and check what people are asking from them. Maintain a list of topics and blog posts.

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No. Step Duration
1. Select Topics For Your Blog – Create a bucket of ideas & Strategise your Future Blog Posts  30 mins
2. Identify The Distribution Channel – Build Credibility For Yourself 20 mins for 7 days
3. Plan your Content – Start with writing a great blog post 3 hours for each post
4. Get your first 100 Subscriber – Initial Set of Audience 2 hours
5. Set Up System That Will Help You Reach 1000 Readers – Time to Grow Your Audience 30 mins
6. Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog – Create Brand For Your Blog 1 hour
7. Create A Facebook Group For Your Niche – Aggregate An Audience In a Forum or Group 1 hour
8. Build More Traffic – Get Going with Forums!  15 mins
9. Submit Guest Posts on Relevant Blogs – Bring backlinks to your blog 20 mins
10. Leverage Social Media & Web 2.o Sites For Traffic – Find other channels to bring traffic to your blog 1 hour
11. Create Content by Interviewing Experts – Bring on the Experts 30 mins