Step 4: Get Your First 100 Subscribers

Initial Set of Audience

If you have published 3-5 blogs, its time to focus on getting your first 100 readers. We have listed down a few ideas for you, You can come up with some new ideas of your own or twist these ideas to suit you.

Idea 1: Reach out to your existing network

Anyone can reach out to their existing friends and professional network and get at least 10-20 readers. If you have been in the workforce for a few years, you will know people in your industry who would be interested in reading what you write about.

And since you know them personally, they will be ready to comment and share your articles, more than strangers. This core group will always be an asset for you no matter how big your blog grows in the future.

Idea 2: Write an Ebook and Give it Away

There is no better way to start a blog on a specific topic than to write an ebook about it. For example, You can write an ebook titled: 100 online marketing ideas and give it away on a landing page in return of the name and email ID of the person who wants to get my ebook. You can also post the content as individual blog posts.

If you create a landing page like that and start collecting email IDs, you will have an audience to talk to when you start blogging seriously. (You can refer to Task on Designing A Landing Page for complete guidance)

You can get some free Google AdWords ad credits and/or Facebook ad credits to drive traffic to this landing page. You can also comment on blogs, do guest posts and get some links to this page. You will reach 100 subscribers very quickly.

Idea 3: Leverage Online Forums & Groups

There is no better place than online forums to find out passionate and enthusiastic people in a specific niche. No matter what topic you are going to blog about, you will find forums related to it. It could be stand alone forums or groups inside Facebook. Join such forums and start making friends with people.

Contact them one by one and ask them permission to add them to your email list. We know it is not an easy task but it is OK to do it for the first 100 readers. You know you need your 100 readers – the benefits are clearly laid out above. Some people will be more experienced than you in such groups. Treat them as mentors and ask them to guide you. They will also become your reader for life.

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1.Select Topics For Your Blog – Create a bucket of ideas & Strategise your Future Blog Posts 20 mins
2.Identify The Distribution Channel – Build Credibility For Yourself20 mins for 7 days
3.Plan your Content – Start with writing a great blog post3 hours for each post
4.Get your first 100 Subscriber – Initial Set of Audience2 hours
5.Set Up System That Will Help You Reach 1000 Readers – Time to Grow Your Audience30 mins
6.Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog – Create Brand For Your Blog1 hour
7.Create A Facebook Group For Your Niche – Aggregate An Audience In a Forum or Group1 hour
8.Build More Traffic – Get Going with Forums! 15 mins
9.Submit Guest Posts on Relevant Blogs – Bring backlinks to your blog20 mins
10.Leverage Social Media & Web 2.o Sites For Traffic – Find other channels to bring traffic to your blog1 hour
11.Create Content by Interviewing Experts – Bring on the Experts30 mins