Step 9: Submit Guest Post On Relevant Blogs

Bring backlinks to your blog

Guest posting on relevant blogs is a great way to build backlinks and popularity to your blog. In every niche there will be well known blogs who will allow you to make guest posts.

Other blogs in your niche already have built the follower base of your potential audience. Guest posting is one of the best ways to let them know that you exist.


Build Relationship With Authority Bloggers: Many bloggers will not allow anonymous people to guest post on their blog. That’s because they are afraid that you will link back to your spammy website. For this, you have to be useful and let them know that you exist. One of the easiest ways would be to interview them on your blog. When you interview them, they open up and become your friend.

You can also build relationship with bloggers in your niche through events. When a blogging event or summit happens in one of the major cities, many influential bloggers meet under one roof. Meeting them in person is a great way to build relationships.

An alternative to guest posting is blog commenting. If your blog is not famous and if it doesn’t have enough followers then they may not be really enthusiastic in doing an interview with you. In such cases, you can regularly leave comments on their blog.


Blog commenting gives you brand popularity and reach. Also if you leave insightful comments on their blog regularly, the blogger is sure to take notice. Do not leave comments in one line just for the backlink, such comments do not add any value. And sometimes bloggers will delete such comments and may even mark it as spam.

After some regular blog commenting you can approach the blogger and ask them if they would be ready to accept guest posts on their blog. It is highly likely that they will accept.

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1. Select Topics For Your Blog – Create a bucket of ideas & Strategise your Future Blog Posts 30 mins
2. Identify The Distribution Channel – Build Credibility For Yourself 20 mins for 7 days
3. Plan your Content – Start with writing a great blog post 3 hours for each post
4. Get your first 100 Subscriber – Initial Set of Audience 2 hours
5. Set Up System That Will Help You Reach 1000 Readers – Time to Grow Your Audience 30 mins
6. Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog – Create Brand For Your Blog 1 hour
7. Create A Facebook Group For Your Niche – Aggregate An Audience In a Forum or Group 1 hour
8. Build More Traffic – Get Going with Forums!  15 mins
9. Submit Guest Posts on Relevant Blogs – Bring backlinks to your blog 20 mins
10. Leverage Social Media & Web 2.o Sites For Traffic – Find other channels to bring traffic to your blog 1 hour
11. Create Content by Interviewing Experts – Bring on the Experts 30 mins