Step 10: Start with Initial Steps!

Learn to be a great admin!

Why & What?

Now that your group is up and running, you need to provide fair leadership to ensure that the members have a fruitful experience.


  • Be Open to Input – You started with a clear purpose, operation, and roadmap of your group. However, the group may require fine-tuning or new, fresh ideas over the time. Just ask your group members and accept their feedback/ideas gracefully and positively.
  • Be Firm with the Group Guidelines – When you find too many self-promotional posts and not enough networking, make your rules clear and kick out those members who violate them.
  • Always Personally Welcome New Members into the Group – To make them feel at home in the group, post a brief welcome for new members. Most people really appreciate this and will thank you for it!
  • Have New Members Introduce Themselves – It is great for networking when new members post a little introduction about themselves as a comment to their welcome post. Remember to thank them for taking the time to introduce themselves.
  • Share Resources with Group Members
    • Upload useful items to the Files section of your group page so all of your group members will have access to them. These could be articles, pdf’s, cheat sheets, training, videos and much more.
    • Try to add new things regularly that will keep people coming back to your group often! You can also allow your group members to add things to the Files section if they have something of value to share.
  • Write Posts That Encourage Engagement – 
    • Write posts where you ask open-ended questions that will encourage people to participate or ask people’s opinions on a topic or discussion.
    • Better yet, ask them something that will reflect on their own lives, as people are more likely to participate when they can relate to the topic based on their own personal experiences.
    • Make sure you participate yourself and encourage members to comment on each other’s posts to keep the discussions going!
  • Market Your Posts
    • Add a nice photo in with your posts and it will make the post more noticeable and encourage participation. Once you have a post idea, search for an image that portrays the idea.
    • When you are posting subtle reminders about group policies for the people that may not have read the rules, adding a relevant photo to the post gets the message across nicely.
    • Some members will comment frequently on your posts but try your best to encourage others.
  • Give Your Group a Variety of Topics
    • Try to get fresh, new ideas for your posts every day! Allow Group Members to Share Their Content Multiple Ways.
    • Add posts into the group regularly on different topics that allow group members to share things such as their blog posts, fan pages, videos and much more. This will increase group member participation and bring variety to the group.
  • Make Good Use of Your Pinned Post
    • You only get one pinned post so use it wisely.
    • Some groups have put their group rules or guidelines in the pinned post. This is important when there are possible issues about members following the rules.
    • Another way is to use the pinned post as a daily networking post.
  • Monitor all comments – no exceptions
    • Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method for detecting spammers. At least one of them is always going to slip through the net. Nevertheless, once you launch a Facebook group and gradually start attracting genuine members, you quickly learn what features to look out for in a spam account.
    • So make sure you keep track of any new posts in the group, not just to control and prevent spam but also to be able to react to posts and comments yourself. The majority of content in a Facebook group is not spam and your members will be glad to see you getting involved with the discussion. It is your group, so you presumably have some valid comments to make.
  • Offer Exclusive Content
    • Make your group members feel valued by offering them something useful and exclusive. After all, they are all there to exchange ideas and to access new information. They want to find solutions to various problems and expect the group to be able to help. Therefore, strive to provide content that members cannot find elsewhere.
    • While it is hard work to create quality, useful and exclusive content, the group will quickly develop into a must-join close-knit online community. At the same time, you will be seen as an authority in your area.
    • You can also share content from third parties. If it is genuinely valuable content, which is useful, solves a problem, explains a complex issue etc., all the usual prerequisites – post it in your group! Add a short introduction yourself explaining what the content is worth a read, and perhaps single out specific group members for whom you believe the content could be particularly useful.
  • Promote posts on your Facebook Group
    • When a post in your group has generated a long, interesting, complex discussion, promote it. Tell people about it.
    • Share it on your Facebook profile, in related groups and on other social media channels – so long as you have permission to do so. This enables you to reach more users who could also be interested in your group.
    • By posting a link to a specific post or discussion, and not just to your group itself, you demonstrate to people the quality of your group, encouraging potential new members to sign up.
  • Use Extra Features of Facebook Groups
    Use these extra features to make your Facebook group more than just a private chatroom:
    • Files: As already discussed, the group page has a separate tab for shared files that every member can access. Create a basic document with Facebook’s editor that includes simple formatting or upload your own files. File size limit is 25 MB.
    • Events: This is an excellent way to organize offline events. Best feature is that the guest list is already set!
    • Polls: You can query a group on everything from where they would like to eat to their thoughts on the latest Bollywood film. Members can vote for their choices or add their own (if you allow it).

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9.Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical30 mins

No. Step Duration
1. Set the Group Objective – Be clear of the reason why you are creating the Facebook Group 10 mins
2. Create your group and complete basic settings – Time to get started! 5 mins
3. Update Group Title Image – Critical aspect of your group that will set the right expectations 15 mins
4. Complete advanced Group Settings – Time to set the privileges of users in this group 15 mins
5. Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group 20 mins
6. Create the initial content – Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends 20 mins
7. Install Facebook Groups App – Add Credibility in your profile 10 mins
8. Launch your Group – Time to go Live! 20 mins
9. Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical 30 mins
10. Start with Initial Steps! – Learn to be a great admin! 30 mins