Step 5: Set clear guidelines

Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group

Why & What

  • It is very important that group members have clear guidelines about how the group operates and what are your expectations from them as members.
  • If you do not define, publish, and enforce group rules or guidelines, you will quickly lose all control over the group. This is especially critical for public groups.
  • An orderly group governed by clear guidelines provides great experience for everyone!
  • A guidelines post/document should typically contain the following:
    • Detailed group background
    • Goals of the group
    • Authority level of the group admin (that is, the expected level of admin control/intervention from virtually nil to tight control and monitoring of group posts and content)
    • Guidelines on acceptability of posts (what is considered spam and how it is dealt with.)
    • Group resources available to members and how to access them (like the files section, group search etc.)


  • Go into the ‘files’ section of your group and create a Facebook document with the guidelines in it. Once you save the document, it will automatically create a post to the group referencing that document and you can then pin that as the top post. When that post is clicked, members are then taken to the document, which is much more readable than a standard post would be. It is also easier to update later should it be required than a standard post.
  • If you are having trouble with some members of your community, break your policy doc into small image posts and share them intermittently on your page. People take in knowledge better this way.

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No. Step Duration
1. Set the Group Objective – Be clear of the reason why you are creating the Facebook Group 10 mins
2. Create your group and complete basic settings – Time to get started! 5 mins
3. Update Group Title Image – Critical aspect of your group that will set the right expectations 15 mins
4. Complete advanced Group Settings – Time to set the privileges of users in this group 15 mins
5. Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group 20 mins
6. Create the initial content – Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends 20 mins
7. Install Facebook Groups App – Add Credibility in your profile 10 mins
8. Launch your Group – Time to go Live! 20 mins
9. Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical 30 mins
10. Start with Initial Steps! – Learn to be a great admin! 30 mins