Step 8: Launch your Group

Time to go Live!

Why & What?

  • Now that you are ready with all basics, you need to launch your group, that is, start promoting your group to attract the right membership.


  • Do not over-promote, but let others know about it.
  • Include an irresistible offer as an incentive to join — give away a free eBook, MP3 recording or video straight away with promise to supply more exclusive content in the future.
  • Use appropriate tags in your group settings to help people to find you and join you.
  • Ask your friends to like or share your posts about the group to spread the word!

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No. Step Duration
1. Set the Group Objective – Be clear of the reason why you are creating the Facebook Group 10 mins
2. Create your group and complete basic settings – Time to get started! 5 mins
3. Update Group Title Image – Critical aspect of your group that will set the right expectations 15 mins
4. Complete advanced Group Settings – Time to set the privileges of users in this group 15 mins
5. Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group 20 mins
6. Create the initial content – Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends 20 mins
7. Install Facebook Groups App – Add Credibility in your profile 10 mins
8. Launch your Group – Time to go Live! 20 mins
9. Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical 30 mins
10. Start with Initial Steps! – Learn to be a great admin! 30 mins