Step 1: Get Prepared

Time to set objective & speculate the results you are expecting


As a 1st step, it is very important that you are clear about your objective of managing your email list. Based on your objective, you will have to select the right email marketing tool, arrange the required information about your contacts and create relevant content for emails.

Please provide following information:

  1. What are your Objectives for Managing (For example: Keep by subscriber updated about by blog, Do flash sales by communicating discounts, Nurture my subscriber for better etc.)
  2. Speculate the kind of emails you will be sending (For Example: Newsletters, Sales Mailer, Update about my Weekly blog posts, Announcements, Auto mailers to your subscribers etc.)
  3. Speculate the way you want to segment the emails (For Example: City wise, Product they are interested in, Month of subscription, Company, Source of Subscription etc). Do make sure that you have the required information about your contact.
  4. Speculate the sources from which you will be arranging all the contact details ( For example, from your CRM, Existing email Accounts contacts etc.)

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No. Step
1. Get Prepared  – Time to set objective & speculate the results you are expecting
2. Be Aware of Legal Implications – sending of commercial e-mails and act accordingly
3. Arrange data of your Subscribers  – Time to arrange all the information related to your subscribers
4. Signup on MailChimp free account  – Get started with a tool
5. Create Your 1st Subscriber List  – Time to start managing your contacts on MailChimp
6. Assemble everything needed for First Email Campaign- Get ready to send your 1st email
7. Create your first Email Campaign  – Get set to create our 1st campaign
8. Test your email  – Test before anyone else reads it!
9. You’re all set to send!– Let others read what you have written                  
10. Report Analysis – Evaluate the performance