Step 2: Be Aware of Legal Implications

Be aware of legal implication of sending of commercial e-mails and act accordingly


There is a US law called CAN-SPAM Act for sending commercial e-mails. It restricts email marketers to indulge into kind of spamming activity.  Following guidelines must be followed to adhere to this Law:

  • Tell readers where your email is coming from (Mailchimp will take care of this)
  • Write an honest subject line (Mailchimp will take care of this)
  • Recognize you’re sending an ad (Mailchimp will take care of this)
  • Give an address (You have to provide this while setting up your account on MailChimp)
  • Every email needs an easy opt-out option (Mailchimp will take care of this)
  • Honor opt-outs quickly (Mailchimp will take care of this)
  • Monitor what others do for you (Make sure you are monitoring your emails vendors)


  • We recommend you to read out the terms of CAN-SPAM Act multiple timing. Also, if there is anyone else in your team who will involved in email marketing campaign. Do make sure he has also read the Act thoroughly.

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1. Get Prepared  – Time to set objective & speculate the results you are expecting
2. Be Aware of Legal Implications – sending of commercial e-mails and act accordingly
3. Arrange data of your Subscribers  – Time to arrange all the information related to your subscribers
4. Signup on MailChimp free account  – Get started with a tool
5. Create Your 1st Subscriber List  – Time to start managing your contacts on MailChimp
6. Assemble everything needed for First Email Campaign- Get ready to send your 1st email
7. Create your first Email Campaign  – Get set to create our 1st campaign
8. Test your email  – Test before anyone else reads it!
9. You’re all set to send!– Let others read what you have written
10. Report Analysis – Evaluate the performance