STEP 7: Create your first Email Campaign

Now we are all set to create our 1st campaign
  • You are all done with all the preparation to send your 1st You can send the email to your entire list or you can create a segment based on the attributes of users and send a mail to specific segment as well.


  • Click on “Create Campaign” button on your dashboard.
  • Select option 2 which is Plain-Text Campaign as in the below snapshot


  • Select the List/Segment as created at previous step.


  • Now give this campaign a name example “My First Email Campaign” or anything you want.
  • Put in the Email Subject, From Email ID, sender ID and click on Next. (Don’t worry about the other options on this page, let them the default way as they are)
  • Now in this page select the last template “Simple Text” and in next page edit and replace the content with the content you created in the last step.
  • In case you have mentioned attributes in the email Content or Subject, you can replace that will Appropriate Tags. Mailchimp will be let you know that Tag corresponding to each attribute data you have your list.


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No. Step
1. Get Prepared  – Time to set objective & speculate the results you are expecting
2. Be Aware of Legal Implications – sending of commercial e-mails and act accordingly
3. Arrange data of your Subscribers  – Time to arrange all the information related to your subscribers
4. Signup on MailChimp free account  – Get started with a tool
5. Create Your 1st Subscriber List  – Time to start managing your contacts on MailChimp
6. Showcase your education by adding Education Institutions, Certifications & Courses
7. Assemble everything needed for First Email Campaign- Get ready to send your 1st email
8. Test your email  – Test before anyone else reads it!
9. You’re all set to send!– Let others read what you have written
10. Report Analysis – Evaluate the performance