Step 1: Start observing leading blogs in your domain

Learn from others

Blogging is not a new game. Started in late 1990s, its been more than 20 years since people are blogging on various topics. As a 1st step you should identify & observe the posting on some of the leading blogs in your domain:


  1. Identify Top Blogs in your domain;
    Google search top blog in your domain. You will be able to find lots of articles listing top blogs in your domain.google_search
  2. What metrics should you observe?
    1. Alexa Rank ( )
    2. Monthly Visits on Similar Web (
    3. Posts Quality: This is subjective. You should read some of the posts and look at the depth of content understanding presented in the blog.
    4. Posts Frequnecy: While it is not important that you write lots of blog post. But it certainly important that you post at regular intervals.

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No. Step Duration
1. Start observing leading blogs in your domain – Learn from others 20 mins
2. Decide the theme of your Blog – So, what are you passionate about? 20 mins
3. Think about your Blog Name – The URL of your blog 10 mins
4. Set up Your Free Blog – Time to go onboard 10 mins
5. Set The Layout Of Your Blog – Decide the look and feel of your blog 10 mins
6. Identify the categories of content you will be blogging about – Time to take deeper look in other blogs 30 mins
7. Write your 1st blog post – Create the 1st communication that users will receive from you 30 mins
8. Publish A Blog Post – Time to put your content online 10 mins
9. Connect Your Site with the Online World – Give users option to spread it further 5 mins
10. Understanding the Stats – Understand the metrics that you will be tracking 10 mins
11. Understand Rules and Etiquettes of blogging – Get Going forever! 15 mins