Strategize Audience- Nurturing Process Through Emails

Digital Marketing Tasks (BETA)

Skill Level: Intermediate | Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes | Steps: 6

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This is a 1st level Task for strategizing how to nurturing audience through emails. In this task, we will assume that you have basic attributes of your audience including email IDs & name. We will not try to personalize the communication on email based on audience response to your emails in this task. This task will be based on the understanding you have of your customers’ concerns/physiological stages. At the end of this task you will be able create the Nurturing Emails pipeline.

Note, if you do not have email delivery infrastructure to send these emails, you can complete following task to implement the strategy you will create in this task:


You should have a business case to work on. If you do not have one, take a hypothetical one, the company that you are aware of.

What Steps will you be taking?

You will take following 6 simple steps to strategize your audience:

No. Step Duration
1. Define the Start and the end point of your Nurturing process 15 mins
2. Define a list of blocking questions that you want to address through emailers 30 mins 
3. Identify Content Types 20 mins
4. Identify Content Baskets 30 mins
5. Create Content publishing & Emails Schedule 20 mins
6. Creating Email Pipeline 30 mins

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