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Digital Marketing Workshop

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Digital Vidya is Asia's Leading Digital Marketing Training Company! We've trained over 11000 professionals (including CXO's) from 5000+ brands in our 600+ trainings across Asia & Middle East since Jan 2010.

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What’s so Special about Digital Vidya’s Trainings?


An enriching experience!!

Tarun Jain (IIM Lucknow)

Wonderful workshop. Must for beginners.

Kartheek Alloju (IIM Lucknow)

learning experience

Gaurav Awasthy (IIM Lucknow)

It was a good experience which I'll be able to use in my future engagements

Rahul Mandal (IIM Lucknow)

This was an eye-opener. I never thought there could be so many ways that social media can be used. The workshop tried to make us aware of the full potential of social media.

Saurabh Bondre (IIM Lucknow)

A grudging Sunday morning ended up presenting a new perspective to marketing!

Snigdha (IIM Lucknow)

It was a learning experience especially how social media marketing actually works.

Sai Shilpa (IIM Raipur)

Learnt a lot about social media marketing and its importance especially about the way of using twitter. Never felt bored throughout the day. Looking forward to having future workshops at our college

Abhishek Reddy K (IIM Raipur)

Exciting experience. Loved it. A must for Marketing enthusiasts.

Sumit Ranjan (IIM Raipur)

An eye opener for some of the recent trends in the social media. Also how SEO, SEM etc has evolved over years.

Sharad Kumar (IIM Raipur)

It was great. we Learned a lot on twitter marketing strategies.

Bharath H (IIM Raipur)

It was an interactive and very interesting session. Very good experience.

Geeta Hansdah (IIM Raipur)

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