Ganesh Naik

Ganesh Naik is the author of several books such as “Learning Linux Shell Scripting”, “Bash Cookbook” and “Mastering Python Scripting for System Administrators. He is an awesome techie working on various Smart City Projects in India.He also has worked as a corporate trainer for ISRO, Intel, GE, Samsung, Motorola, PSDC(Malaysia), various companies in Singapore, Malaysia and India.
Ganesh completed computer Engineering in 1988. He has an industry experience as developer for 20 years. Since the last 10 years he has been actively offering freelance consultancy & corporate trainings.
He expertises in:
• Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart City Projects
• Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning / Deep Learning with Python
• Data Science/Data Analytics & Data Visualisation (numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib) with Python
• Embedded Linux & Linux Device Drivers Development
• Unix/Linux Shell Scripting with SED & AWK and DBA (MySQL, Oracle)
• Embedded Android, Android Internals & Device Driver Development
• Embedded C++/C programming with MISRA C/C++ and JSF standards
• Operating Systems, Software Engineering and Networking.
• Problem Solving – Analysis, Reasoning and Solution Techniques for Software Engineers
Interestingly, he is a also Certified Yoga teacher.
Yoga & Meditation are his favourite past time activities.