Rushabh Shah

I have a Multi-Functional work experience of 12+ years. Started working full-time at an early age of 18 as a support engineer for a while, then as an IT Project Manager for 7 years, moved onto being an Entrepreneur in the Learning and Development sector for 4 years, and now working as a Product Manager at Celusion Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is a result of combined experience of Managing IT Projects and running a StartUp from a scratch.
I was always passionate about Creating something from a scratch, Product Management & Building Training Courses are my strengths.
My deep understanding of running a business, understanding customer’s needs, creating products, setting processes and hiring the right people for the job, helps a lot in my current role as Product Manager.
As an Excel trainer, I have trained 2500+ working professionals and students. I am a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel.
Tech Blogging on YouTube has also interested me a lot – hence I started “Excel Rush” with the vision to help people learn more and more about Excel & Google Sheets, Logic Building and Data Analysis.
Using Excel & VBA, I have also developed sustainable systems for Purchase Tracking, Sales Tracking, Operations Management, Production Process Management & Fund Calculations.
My core competencies are: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PowerBI, SQL, Product Management, Project Management, Business Processes Understanding, and Mapping
I love to Dance &  Travel.