Annual Report of Digital Marketing in India in 2018

In 2017, India became the No. 1 country in the world for mobile data usage. With newer digital channels in the ecosystem and consumer attention fragmenting even more, what worked in 2016 was not enough in 2017. In light of these developments, this year presents digital marketers with a new opportunity to convert this disruption into dividends.

The boon that digital marketing comes bundled with is the fact that it is data led and measurable at every step of the way. This is what makes data such a crucial resource for any digital marketer in India. By analyzing data from hundreds of sources and running into billions of touch points every year, we enjoy a privileged view to providing rich data and a perfect context for Indian Marketers.

If you are an Indian marketer, the 8th Octane research report can be your guidebook to leverage digital possibilities. With a synthesis of information which has been shared by over 350+ successful marketers across India from a host of sectors. This study provides trends, recommendations and forecast which are bound to help you make informed strategic decisions for the coming year.

Access the report to know more about:

  • Modern day digital marketing budget overview
  • Marketing channels generating high revenue impact on business
  • Preferred attribution models for calculating ROI
  • Content marketing strategies that help marketers achieve their marketing goals
  • The new tech areas Indian marketers plan to invest in the coming financial year
  • Top challenges that marketers anticipate facing in the coming year

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