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Step 2: Add Professional Photo

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  • Select the image that gives reasonable details in small size as well
    • 180X180 Image will be displayed on Your Profile
    • 75X75 Image will be displayed on Updates
    • 50X50 image will be displayed on Notifications & Group Conversations


  • 70 to 80 % of the photograph should be your face, unless you have some adequate reason to show other details. Your photograph is the most important aspect people are looking for. Showing more details will make it irrelevant in small size.
  • Your emotions and attire should reflect your positioning statement. If you are positioning yourself as a thought leader, you photograph should reflect it.michel_moritz
  • Preferably have plain or blurred background to ensure sufficient focus on your face.
  • Avoid ‘I’m so serious I hate life kind of pictures’

Examples- Shining Ones


Examples- Stay Away From These


If you already have a perfect picture on your LinkedIn! Let’s move to next step.


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