Are You Ready For The Mobile Mindshift?

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    Duration : 60 mins

    The talk about how big mobile is in India and how many millions of SIMs are there and how most people access the Internet on the mobile, are all known facts. And there is not much new to be said about this.

    However, what is important to understand and appreciate the behavioural change which can be referred to as the ‘mobile mindshift’.

    The mobile mindshift is the expectation that I can get what I want, in my immediate context and at my moment of need, from my mobile!

    This expectation leads to intuitive mobile moments – when you reach for your mobile, instinctively.

    As a brand, are you there for the consumer, when that happens? Are you taking care of his intuitive mobile moment?

    What does it take to be there? Are you ready for this mobile mindshift? That is what we will discuss in this webinar.

    Key takeaways would include:

    • Understanding the concept of the mobile moment
    • Mapping your consumer’s journey, and the mobile moments that are part of that journey
    • Opportunities and options for a brand to own their consumer’s mobile moments
    • The I-D-E-A cycle

    Note: This webinar draws a lot of content and ideas from the book, “The Mobile Mindshift”, from Forrester Research team.

    Webinar Leader

    Sanjay Mehta

    Business Owner and Jt CEO, Social Wavelength