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Interview with Kunal Jain, Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya

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    60 mins


    October 11, 2017


    9:00 pm

    Who is the Speaker?

    Kunal is the Founder & CEO of Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest Analytics community. Analytics Vidhya today gets more than a million visit from people across the globe. They conduct several hackathons, competitions & conferences and help companies find the right data science talent. Before starting Analytics Vidhya, Kunal did his graduation & post-graduation from IIT Bombay and had worked with companies like Capital One & Aviva Life Insurance across different geographies and responsibilities. 

    Kunal Jain

    Key Takeaways

    What you should expect to walk away from this session:

    • The inside picture of the Indian analytics industry
    • The data science community in India, skills and challenges
    • How to engage and be a participant of this arena rather than an outside observer

    Session Agenda

    Shweta Gupta, Digital Vidya (VP, Big Data and Analytics) will interview Kunal Jain, Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya to find out how is the Indian Analytics Industry shaping up. The needed skills today and day to day challenges Data Scientists/Database Experts/ Analytics Experts experience. And what are the mechanisms using which Analytics Vidhya is bridging the gap between the industry and the data science community?

    Kunal Jain who founded Analytics Vidhya has 10+ years of experience in Data Science. Analytics Vidhya is India’s largest Analytics community which has the uniqueness of connecting the Analytics Services company, the Training Companies, and the talent pool. Let us hear from him on the different programs like Hackathons that AV offers and how the different stakeholders benefit from them. We will also have Kunal tell us “what the industry” really wants in terms of skills and how should the aspiring Data Scientists be preparing themselves.

    Who Should Attend?


    Computer Science Graduates

    Aspiring Machine Learning Engineers


    Aspiring Data Analysts

    Aspiring Data Scientists

    Software Engineers