Marketing Innovation In The Digital Age

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    Duration : 60 mins

    “Innovation is like the act of breathing, being alive …
    Brands survive and thrive on innovation!”

    Do consumers buy a brand or they choose to partner with a brand? Depending on your business approach, you may choose either of the two options. However, any option you choose to express what the brand means for your consumers, you can’t wish away or delegate or outsource ‘innovation’ piece in your business.
    My session is about sharing a Brand’s story and in the process bring alive the various possibilities of innovation across consumer touch points in the digital age.

    Key takeaways:

  • How to innovate sharply by focusing on the Brand’s DNA
  • Learning to deal with emerging situations, when every Game Changing idea changes Category Narrative
  • Understand deeply that ‘Innovation is for Humans, by Human’ & technology is just an enabler even in this digital age…
  • Webinar Leader

    Prabhakar Tiwari

    GM Marketing: CEAT TYRES