Remarketing: Reach Lost Customers, Sell More, Look Bigger

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    Have you ever faced this scenario?

    You have a website that is an ecommerce site. A visitor who is looking for your products landed on your site and started browsing your site. She checked a few products and compared them together to find the best product that fits her requirement. She finalized the product and she is ready to buy that product. She clicks on buy now button and takes out the credit card…

    Just then the door bell rings…or
    Just then the boss or friend came looking for her…or
    Just then her mobile rings…or
    Just then her favorite Saas Bahu TV serial starts…or
    Just then she hears a breaking news on the news channel…or
    Just then she receives a funny message on What’s app…or
    Just then the baby starts crying…or

    and she gets involved in that and clicks the cross button on the top right corner of the browser and leaves your site.

    As much as you’d love for all of your visitors to leave your site with a purchase in tow, not all customers behave this way. Same is true for lead generation or B2B sites You would want to get the details of all the visitors as leads but most visitors leave your website without generating the lead for you.

    However, there are various techniques for you to get in touch with them again and encourage them to buy your products (or generate a lead) from your website again.

    This technique is popular by various names Remarketing, Retargeting, ATTF (Auto Tag Track and Follow).

    Interested? Join us in our upcoming Webinar to learn:

    • Fundamentals of remarketing
    • What it is? How to implement it?
    • Basic Strategies that everyone must follow to grow their business.
    • Why you can not leave remarketing out of your marketing mix?
    • How to look much bigger a company than you really are and impress your potential customers in B2B?
    • How to use remarketing to grow your business (Leads / Sales) and still reduce your cost?
    • Some Really advanced strategies that only top 0.1% marketers / companies follow.


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