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Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Content marketing trends

“Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.” – Julie Fleischer

Content Marketing is not a new concept in the Digital Marketing Landscape. Instead, it has become more critical than ever. The phrase “Content is the King” is not a phrase anymore. It has become an emotion for a majority of digital marketers.

Over the past years, content marketing has made a remarkable position in the world of Digital Marketing and proved its worth by delivering the desired results. Content marketing is the foundation of building brand awareness and demonstrating expertise, trustworthiness & authoritativeness.

While most businesses have started using content marketing techniques, it becomes essential to use content marketing optimally & efficiently to stand out in the crowd. This can only be done if you know the latest content marketing trends.

So, let’s look at what the industry leaders have to say about the Content Marketing trends to watch out for in the year 2024.

1. Aaron Agius, Co-Founder, and Managing Director, of Louder Online

Aaron agius

(i) Intra-Organisational Content Deployment: Marketers are kidding themselves if they think publishing content to the company blog or social media channels are getting the total value out of that content. Instead, they must look for ways to integrate their content into other organizational departments. And that means producing more than just top-of-funnel content.

If you’re producing middle- and bottom-of-funnel content – which you should be doing – share it with your sales team so that they can integrate it into their cadence or nurturing sequences. Ensure your customer service teams know any content you’ve created that answers customer questions. Add it to your onboarding sequences, where appropriate.

Other departments aren’t going to do this automatically. You don’t just need great content – you need a way to effectively disseminate it between departments and integrate it into other peoples’ workflows.

(ii) Personalisation & Customisation: Understandably, the best results from content occur when that content is tailored as closely as possible to a person’s needs. So what are we, as marketers, doing to make that happen?

Most people these days understand that marketers are tracking their movements online. So let’s put that data to good use. I expect dynamic forms that ask progressive questions during subsequent opt-ins will be big this year, as well as micro-targeted content generated based on customer data and served up to small segments of target customers rather than broad audiences.

(iii) Content Optimisation For Voice Search: Another big trend I see interest in is voice search. More and more consumers are using voice search technology by Google, Amazon, and others, so naturally, brands want to be sure their products or services are mentioned whenever related questions are asked.

Fortunately, optimizing for voice search can be as straightforward as incorporating common customer questions and their answers into your website’s content. This also improves your overall SEO, given Google’s shift towards prioritizing natural language responses in organic results.

To do this well, consider how your target customers might alter their search queries when doing a voice search. That might mean using more words, being more descriptive in your content, or focusing more on the long tail – anything that most closely mirrors the natural language they’d use when speaking.

2. Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios Inc

Andy crestodina

(i) Social Video Ads For Articles: It’s not just for lifestyle marketers on Instagram. Anyone who makes a video social post (rather than just text and an image) will see better engagement. For content marketers, that means clicks.

In 2024, expect many 1-minute video “commercials” for content in social streams. This is just the marketer introducing their article, describing the benefit of reading, and suggesting the click. The marketers who are best at this will add captions.

(ii) Fewer Shorties. More Depth: Enough marketers have read the research and learned from experience that long content tends to perform better. No rule says that articles must be of a certain length, but word count correlates with detail, and detail correlates with quality. Quality correlates with traction in search, social, and everywhere.

Bloggers who write longer are far more likely to report “strong results” from their content. Expect to see longer articles in 2024.

Percentage of bloggers who report strong results by average blog post word count
Source: 2018 blogging statistics, orbit media

(iii) Prettier Dashboards: Thousands of content marketers will learn Google Data Studio in 2024. They’ll combine data from different sources and impress their bosses and clients with lovely charts. But will we get value from these dashboards? Mostly no. Everyone will like the dashboards, but they won’t necessarily make the insights more obvious.

Analysis and reporting are not the same. The world needs insights, not dashboards.

3. Marc Guberti, Podcast Host, Breakthrough Success Podcast

Marc guberti

(i) More Personalized Videos: We know the video is a highly engaging form of content, but it’s still relatively underutilized. Some marketers will begin sending personalized videos to individuals in their audiences. Once a few marketers establish this method, expect many others to follow.

(ii) A Deeper Focus On Content Repurposing: So many social networks and content formats are grabbing our attention.

And with how content marketing moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had at least one new way to produce content by the end of 2024. Getting more out of your existing content and distributing it across different mediums will carry more importance into 2024.

(iii) A Focus On Recurring Revenue: Subscriptions will grow in popularity. We want consistent revenue coming into our businesses instead of a spike in revenue associated with a product launch.

While product launches will still be popular, you can expect an increase in membership sites, coaching programs, and other offers that involve monthly payments.

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4. Lisa Sicard, Content Marketing Manager, Inspire to Thrive

Lisa sicard

(i) Shorter Content Form: In 2024, long-form content will remain a big part of content marketing, primarily for SEO purposes, but the trend will lean toward shorter content for Generation Z.

This younger generation will not spend time reading your long-form content. You may want to try some short-form blogs and then expand those into eBooks or white papers. Their attention span is even shorter than the older Millennials.

(ii) Video Format: Video will remain huge but not need to be LIVE on social networks. You can still use video in email or your content marketing. Video helps your readers to be entertained. When the average user visits a social media site, they love to be entertained even if they are looking for specific information such as news or research.

The younger audiences growing up today are used to seeing video everywhere and expect it when searching for something online. Finally, even a video should be 1 minute or less to grab Generation Z’s and the Millennials’ attention. That is why “stories” on Instagram do so well with video. They are no longer than 1 minute in length.

(iii) Add Value First & Foremost: The last content marketing trend for 2024 should be to add value to your customers. Your customers don’t have much time to read and be engaged with you. So, you must provide value up front and early.

Keep them interested and entertained throughout your content, whether on your blog or your social network channel. Give them reasons to click and read or watch more. Make it more about their needs being fulfilled earlier in the process.

Too often, we write with teasers in the beginning and don’t add the “meat and potatoes” until the end. Many today (especially from the younger generations) will not take the time to read or watch until the end unless they find the value of their time in the beginning.

5. Donna Moritz, Visual Content Strategist, Socially Sorted

Donna moritz

(i) Brands Will Focus Back On Core Content: Being consistent on a core platform (that you own, like a blog, podcast, or video) is critical, as well as sharing and engaging on the leading social media platforms where your audience is hanging out.

So we’ll have to get more thoughtful about talking to our audience, finding out what they want from us and where they are consuming content. It’s just not possible to be everywhere.

Still, it can be consistent on an owned platform and build authority by getting smarter about managing your time and resources to serve your audience best and engage with them.

(ii) Brands Will Start To Explore & Embrace Voice Search: Just like we love consuming podcasts on the move, we can access content via voice search and save time. As more and more people use Siri or an Echo or Google Home, we need to find ways for our content to be found on those devices and mobile phones.

(iii) Brands Will Start Leveraging Vertical VideoIt’s how we hold our phones, so formats like stories and vertical video on Facebook will become more prevalent as we consume content in that format across multiple platforms.

Final Thoughts

Content Marketing has proved its worth in reaping enormous rewards for business & the best part is that 2024 promises more Content Marketing than ever.

Most experts believe that Video Content, Content Repurposing, and voice Search will dominate the Content Marketing landscape in 2024.

Since your content will not market itself, you must take care of it. Follow these Content Marketing trends to optimally execute your content strategy & take your business to the next level in 2024.

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1. What are the 4 pillars of content marketing?

The 4 pillars of content marketing are- originality, relevance, engagement, and relevancy.

2. What are the 5 rules of content marketing?

5 Rules of ‘Content Marketing’ are-

  • Understanding your audience’s needs.
  • Dedicate resources to your content marketing strategy.
  • Set high editorial standards.
  • Build a presence on social channels.
  • Be consistent.

3. What are the 5 key terms in marketing?

5 Key Terms in marketing are-

  • Demystifying Popular Marketing Jargon
  • Conversion
  • Impression
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Engagement Rate.
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