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10 Smart Ways To Do Profiling Customer’s Data

Let’s start with understanding profiling; profiling is nothing but recording and analysis of a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics. Profiling data can be used to predict their capabilities and categorize. We can get to know psychologically by directly interacting with customer and behavioral aspects by observing, asking close people with a customer. So let’s quickly […]

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How To Collect Database Offline For Email Marketing

Can we imagine without database email marketing, of course answer is no. Broadly we can collect database in two ways one from online, second one from offline. Hence in this blog I’m going to tell about How to collect database offline for email marketing. But here I’m going to give an idea, once you implement […]

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5 Email Marketing Secrets To Take You From Beginner To Pro

Email marketing, one of the most used on-line channels for promotions and sharing content. It’s easy to set up and even free in some cases. Despite this, there are a few lesser known email marketing practices that may help you improve your existing campaigns. If you are new to email marketing, check out email marketing […]

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