How To Collect Database Offline For Email Marketing

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Can we imagine without database email marketing, of course answer is no. Broadly we can collect database in two ways one from online, second one from offline. Hence in this blog I’m going to tell about How to collect database offline for email marketing. But here I’m going to give an idea, once you implement them offline, you can start see results.

While there may be so many ways to collect database from offline, let me explain following ways in detailed through this blog:

  • From friends/relatives,
  • From Colleagues,
  • From Customers,
  • Do awareness campaigns/camps,
  • Sponsor for social events or Do your own event,
  • Tie up with corporate companies,
  • Be in touch with people whom you want to target for your email marketing.

Before explaining about above said ways in detail,please remember nothing will come free in this world, hence I request remember that give and take policy will give results most of the times.

Now let me explain step wise:

From friends/relatives:

Most of the times your honesty is the investment, tell your friends & relatives that why you require their email Id’s and explain them in return what they will get. For example you’re running a business that will fulfill household needs.You tell your friends and relatives that they get direct offers in to their email.

From Colleagues:

Many of our colleagues will have different clients, may be dealing with different sector people depending on their roles. If you can help in their functions when they require or maintain a good rapport explain them that you are required email I’d database and also ask them if any of their close friends working in other sectors who can give email I’d database.

Do awareness campaigns/camps:

You have maximum opportunity here to create awareness about your brand/business. Also get opt in process on the spot, please see following things how to target the required segment of people,

  • Want to gather doctor community email Id’s just find out who is the expert doctor in your area and arrange a meeting for that particular area (but please do remember meeting should be useful to create awareness for your business), maintain a register at the entrance of the event or collect their visiting cards to collect email Id’s.If you want to know various health programmes in India you can click here.
  • Need for collecting email id’s of real estate group people, arrange a big awareness camp about how and where to purchase property, what are the approval they need to see, where to check legal formalities…etc…  again maintain a subscription form or a register at the entrance to collect the email id’s of the attendees….

Like above two examples you can do for your target segment of people to collect their email id.

Sponsor for social events or Do your own event:

This is quite easy than doing awareness camps, as most of us might have attended social events like creating awareness on Diabetes, marathon, world heart day…. likewise many events may happen at least once in a month.

Do one thing contact the organizer of that particular event and discuss about your interest to participate in the same by sponsoring some amount ,in return you tell them that you want to put a stall about your company where interested people can enroll themselves again maintain subscription form where you can collect email id.

Tie up with corporate companies:

Just speak with the right person in the company and conduct monthly once program which can useful for their employees like entertainment program for stress relief, education program ,how to enhance their career…. At the end of the program seek their feedback in the feedback form and use the same for email id collection.

Be in touch with people whom you want to target for your email marketing:

Every sector there will be one association, just have tie up with them and be part of every program that they will do, where ever possible you try to connect with the people and get the information that you require.

For example:

  • If you want to have Consultant physician email Id’s of your area: Tie up with physician association,
  • Your business needs women clients, tie up with Mahila mandali, ladies club etc…
  • In case looking for Government employees be in touch with teachers association, government employees association……

Above all offline methods one common point is give and take. Means everywhere we need to show value proposition the clients if they give email id what is the benefit for them.

Hence in conclusion I want to highlight following things:

  • Polite when you are collecting offline database,
  • Honest and truthful to your customers and those who are helping you to get the email id’s,
  • Show the value proposition to your customers,
  • The major advantage  you can build your business brand before, while ,after collecting data.

Steps: How to collect database offline:

  1. Be in touch with friends/relatives/colleagues/do your own event or sponsor
  2. Highlight your business brand/create awareness about your business
  3. Use offline subscribe forms and seek their permission to collect their email id’s
  4. Now you have authenticated offline collect database.

 All The Best.

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