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An Interview With Prabhjyot Singh, Founder & CEO, Living Gifts

Prabhjyot Singh is heading a team of Digital Marketing in and worked as a Founder & CEO at LivingGifts. He has 11+ years of experience in Marketing & Operations. Digital marketing is an important aspect in Prabhjyot’s current profile as Living Gifts is an online gifting store and they have to be precise in making marketing campaigns […]

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An Interview With – Mohit Bhakuni, Founder & CEO, Contify

 Mohit Bhakuni is the Founder & CEO of Contify. Thye’ve built a web listening tools for digital marketing, sales enablement/ inside sales and strategy teams. Like most tech founders, he is passionate about building great products. As a result, marketing usually took second priority to engineering. Like most entrepreneurs, he also believed that if they […]

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