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R vs. Python, Which One is the Best for Data Analysis

The other day I had a debate with my colleague on R vs. Python, and of course, the most frequently asked question, which one scores better. Well, my answer was both. R and Python, both of which are the free and open source, and were developed in the early 1990s, are the two most popular […]

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Beginners Guide To Time Series Analysis with Implementation in R

Introduction: According to the wiki, A time series is a series of data points indexed in time order.  Most of the times in branches of science, engineering, as well as commerce, time plays an important role in the organization. There are variables measured sequentially in time. For Eg: Reserve banks record interest rates Exchange rates each day Production per week […]

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Data Technology Landscape and Evolution of Data Science

Introduction The human civilization started to curate, interpret and summarize data very early on, in order to bring out the value and insights.  Patañjali (prior to 400 CE), compiled the Yoga Sūtras in 196 sutras, in an attempt to simplify the yogic science. Another example of applied data science is classification, where the Greek philosopher, […]

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