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How to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing is amongst the all-time classics of advertising, and considered as top-rated result-producing marketing method. Approximately all kinds of businesses are utilizing SMS Marketing Services to advance their items and administrations in a successful way. The benefits of Online SMS Marketing Campaigns are truly justified regardless of the cash being spent on it- Let […]

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10 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

     -     Feb 26th, 2016   -     Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Today with the advent of smartphone technology, mobile phones are slowly replacing desktops and even laptops. Today in India, 8 people possess a mobile phone in every 10 people. As the usage of mobiles and mobile internet services increases, the marketers of corporates should be on their toes to implement mobile marketing in their marketing […]

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5 Ridiculously Actionable Tips To Jumpstart Your SMS Marketing Campaign

     -     Jul 14th, 2015   -     Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

If you are familiar with using Twitter, then narrowing down your message for a powerful impact in just 160 characters should be old hat to you. SMS messaging uses a 160 character limit per message and does not have a #hashtag search mechanism. Therefore, your verbiage needs to be clear and concise to result in […]

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Top 5 Tips For Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

     -     Mar 2nd, 2015   -     Mobile Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , , ,

Though smartphones have become a craze and mobile apps rule the day but still they have not penetrated as deeply. Still there are lots of customers who have not been bitten by the iPhone and Android bug. Unlike smartphones, normal phones are affordable and all phones available in the market are SMS enabled. Thus, making […]

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E-Mail Marketing Versus SMS Marketing

     -     Apr 9th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     4 Comments   -    , , , ,

The traditional, old e-mail marketing now has a very prevalent competitor, SMS. As text message marketing turns nineteen, it would not be wrong to point out how effective it is turning out to be. There are companies which communicate to their customers mainly via text messages such as Airtel, Dr.Lal Path Labs, Domino’s, etc. SMS […]

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