How to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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SMS Marketing is amongst the all-time classics of advertising, and considered as top-rated result-producing marketing method. Approximately all kinds of businesses are utilizing SMS Marketing Services to advance their items and administrations in a successful way. The benefits of Online SMS Marketing Campaigns are truly justified regardless of the cash being spent on it-

SMS Marketing

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Let us firstly understand What SMM Marketing campaign is-

What is SMS Campaign?

SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a solid and affordable marketing approach to send your advertisement messages through SMS to your clients, prospects or some other expected beneficiaries.

Administrations offered by dependable service providers do not include any hidden charges, and the message can be conveyed quickly over all the systems all around the world. On the off chance that you have not begun searching for approaches to add SMS marketing strategy to your advertising arsenal, this is the ideal opportunity.

I understand mobile applications are the rage nowadays, yet there are majority of population that relies upon basic phone services.

Additionally, in light of the fact that a person has a smart phone does not mean they utilize it for all that it is able to do. Simply ask your grandfather (or even in some cases father as well) — He may have the most recent and most prominent of the smartphones, but he would still be utilizing the basic services of his phone like SMS.

An awesome aspect concerning SMS is that almost 100% of all gadgets available are SMS empowered, making it the mobile channel that offers the most extensive reach possible.

Some of the most reputed brands put vigorously in SMS Marketing Software today to automate their SMS Marketing campaigns to speak with clients- In light of the fact that more than 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

As one of the best SMS Marketing Campaigns, Coca-Cola has contributed 70% of their mobile marketing plan on SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing

Coca-Cola bulk SMS messaging

Along with its reach and instantaneousness, best SMS Marketing Campaigns are exceptionally cost-effective and offer a stunning ROI for advertisers as well, when utilized appropriately.

In case you are prepared to jump into SMS Marketing and use this incredibly capable marketing channel, it is essential that you are set-up for the progress, and below given 9 tips to run successful SMS Marketing Campaign will help you in that- So let us delve into those-

9 Tips to run Successful SMS Marketing Campaign-

1. Comprehend Your SMS Marketing Objectives

  • When jumping into mobile advertising, the common mistake advertisers make is taking it as a separate marketing initiative. Organizations that approach mobile marketing as separate system will never get the outcomes they were seeking after or even anticipated.
  • Before jumping into your execution, it is insightful to survey your business and marketing objectives, with the goal that you are making your SMS Campaign Management through a perspective that considers your current business objectives as well.
  • Incorporating S.M.A.R.T i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Specific will guarantee your Online SMS Marketing Campaign is executed in a way that meets your objective.
  • It is essential to comprehend that your SMS Marketing Campaign will probably affect many parts of your company, so conveying your objectives and strategy clearly all through the company-framework is basic.

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2. Assemble an Ark to incorporate a Cross-functional Team

  • One person cannot deal with the whole SMS Marketing system. Your online SMS Marketing Campaign will affect numerous departments of your organization. Having a cross-functional team to help imagine and execute the SMS marketing will be a standout amongst the most essential parts to ensuring ROI with SMS Marketing Services.
  • For example, to channelizing a SMS Campaign for driving customers to retail, you will need a cross-functional team that include individuals from teams like- in-charge of retail, digital creative, in-store signage, IT, email, online networking, advancements, the budget, and some external members as well.
  • It is important to ensure everybody agrees when it comes the time for the execution of SMS Marketing Campaign.

3. Immaculate use of Call-To-Action in SMS Marketing Services

  • A standout amongst the most well known reasons SMS Marketing fail is that the CTA (Call to action) is not introduced in a way that the customers perceive what to do.
  • One of the best SMS Campaign Examples is Pepsi’s campaign in which company asks customers to text “PEPSIMAX” to 710710- SMS Campaigns are based on two factors- keyword and shortcode. One thing Pepsi is doing truly well here is making the SMS Call to Action the main point of creative.
 SMS Marketing

Online SMS Marketing

  • In the event that you need to drive engagement, let your SMS CTA has the priority it deserves. It is normal and best practice to capitalize the keyword and short code to make them emerge within the CTA.

4. Use Incentives to run ROI-driven SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Management

  1. Personalization – “We’ll inform you when your most loved item comes in.”
  2. Reminders – “Your shipment will be delivered tomorrow.”
  3. Engagement – “Reveal to us how we can help you.”
  4. Access – “Here is early access to this extraordinary thing since you’re a faithful SMS subscriber.”
  5. Privileges – “Here is this extraordinary thing we just offer with our SMS VIPs.”

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5. Permission is must for Successful SMS Marketing

  • Much the same as email, SMS Campaign is a permission based opt in channel. Your client needs to unmistakably opt in to getting what you are putting forth.
  • Asking for permission can occur by using one of two ways:
  1. By messaging a keyword to a given number (for example, the Pepsi case from above)
  2. By presenting their number via a web-form
  • In any case, it should be evident the client has agreed to accepting these messages.

6. Use Immediacy in your SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

  • More than 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, which makes SMS campaign one of the most prompt channels accessible to connect with your prospects. Understanding this instantaneousness is imperative to your prosperity and driving client activity.
  • In case you have an event on Sunday evening, sending an SMS anytime before Saturday evening would be of no benefit. With your messages ensured to achieve your client and disrupt whatever they are doing, it is imperative that you intend to convey to a great degree high value through an unmistakable and compact CTA.
  • Since SMS messages take into consideration 160 characters, it is critical to be short, sweet, and to the point.

7. Incorporate Consistency in SMS Marketing Strategy

  • One of the greatest mistakes organizations make when utilizing SMS Campaign is not sending messages with required consistency.
  • About informing your clients, you clearly need to have something of significant value to state within each message, however going months without connecting through SMS is likely going to cause a high unsubscribe rate with each SMS send.
  • Probably the most effective organizations utilizing SMS Marketing like Starbucks, JC Penney, and Target are sending no less than one message per week to remain at the top of the clients’ mind.

8. Adept Media Integration is Significant in SMS Marketing

  • When it comes to advance your SMS Marketing, it is essential to use the greater part of your current media outlets, regardless of whether that is TV, print, radio, in-store signage, on the web, email, social, and so forth.
  • Utilizing SMS Marketing Audit of your current media advantages to recognize where you can coordinate your SMS CTAs so that you can be on the same page where your cross functional team is.
  • Your objective is to broaden the range and intuitiveness of your current media and make an opportunity for better engagement.

9. Measuring the effectiveness of your SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing

SMM Marketing & Awareness

Concerning SMS Marketing, there are many ways you can try to measure the effectiveness of your SMS Campaign. Here are a couple of metrics to take after when executing an SMS Campaign:

  • Subscriber Growth
  • Subscriber Churn Rate
  • Cross Channel Engagement (by keyword)
  • Redemption Rate
  • Cost Per Redeeming Subscriber


Whenever you plan and execute your next SMS Campaign, make certain to pay heed upon overstated 9 tips and you will be well on your way to a fruitful Online SMS Marketing Campaign.

Have you ever tried including SMS Marketing in your Digital Marketing Campaign? Now you know how to do SMS Marketing, let us know how was this post for you. Share your thoughts in comments below.

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