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Interview With Harshita Pande Joshi, Social Media Strategist

Harshita Pande Joshi is a social media specialist based in Mumbai. In the last five years, she has worked in several faculties of social media – branding, engagement, influencer campaigns, advertising and content generation. She works independently with agencies or clients to build their social media strategies. Harshita believes content is the emperor and its […]

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4 Mistakes That Can Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign On Facebook Suffer

The field of communication is evolving day by day. From the traditional methods of letters, phone calls etc. we have come a long way in the field of communication. The boom of internet has transformed our lives. Emails, chat messengers etc. gave a new definition to communication modes. Continuous innovation in the field of internet […]

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Meet Digital Vidya At NASSCOM Product Conclave 2014

NASSCOM Product Conclave is an exclusive event which will bring industry experts and start-ups together at one place. It serves as a platform in product ecosystem and pushes to create a buzz in the same. Companies involved in this event showcase various brands and best of their products. It not only serves to be a […]

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8 Big Mistakes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing seems to be a magical word nowadays. Business owners get to read, talk and research about the effects and results given by strategic presence on social media in particular domains. No doubt it’s a powerful medium. There is double growth in active users, yearly and the medium seems to give you better targeting parameters […]

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