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3 Tips To Maximise ROI From Social Media Marketing Campaigns

What makes one successful in marketing strategy? Building a relationship with people is the primary step and once the relationship is built, then comes engaging them through social media networks. Social media makes it possible to reach out to more and more people in a wider area. This wider accessibility with social media marketing makes it […]

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About, the latest and most innovative Job portals in India, was founded in 2008. has grown to new heights during  the last five years of its operation. This job portal has now crossed 1.3crore candidate landmark with over 2 lakh jobs offered on site. is now integrating with Facebook hiring solutions […]

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2 Most Dangerous Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Must Take An Action Against

Predominantly, social media is a relationship and networking space. With its growing popularity across demography and locations, it has been evolved as a point of attraction for the corporate houses, business organizations, products, brands, other institutions and organizations, social issues and individual professionals. It is well understood that where there are people there is a […]

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3 Most Useful Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Joining a social media platform shall never be an accidental affair to any professional marketer. It must be a planned endeavor and should never be underestimated while compared to traditional marketing channels. The benefits of social media marketing are multidimensional which address different issues together, such as branding or brand improvement, lead generation, building good […]

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2 Major LinkedIn Tips For Leveraging Social Media Marketing

As you know there are many popular social media platforms being used by people for any specific or multiple purposes. The entire social media space has emerged as a rainbow, where it is difficult to choose any particular color as the most beautiful and appealing. Every color in the social media rainbow has something to […]

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips For Optimum Use Of LinkedIn

Never make a mistake by considering LinkedIn as a substitute of Facebook. You may be there on both the platforms, but you must draw a ‘Laxsman Rekha’ between the two. Both of them belong to social media, but LinkedIn is a pro-professional social media. You can go on very lightly with your emotions, feelings, values, […]

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