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Jobs2Careers Used Google Tag Manager Thus Increasing Conversions Twice

Tags are pieces of Javascript codes that are placed in websites to collect user data. eg If you want to analyse user data using Google Analytics, you have to place a Javascript code in the header of your webpage so that Google Analytics collects user data. Thus tags are the basic building blocks of web analytics. A digital […]

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Case Study On How To Go Viral On Tumblr

Tumblr introduced themselves as a Micro-blogging platform where one can share any forms of multimedia like text images, video from anywhere you want.Rather than a detailed posts you come across every day  you can have a quick look in Tumblr, share your thoughts with compatible folks. It is possible to enter into the world of Tumblr at […]

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Top 15 Ways To Promote Blogs On Social Media

Blogging is an essential part of online marketing. It is one of the ways to be in touch with your customers and entice them with new information. Search Engines also love new content and blogging helps to add new pages on the website. However just writing fresh content is not enough. It also equally important […]

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How To Use Meta Tags To Own 1st Page Of Google Search Results

In the fierce battle for that coveted top search rank on Google, web analysts and management teams are testing each and every tool under the sun. However, there are some simple yet effective tools which are generally overlooked. One of them is the Meta Tag. Meta tags can go a big way in improving your […]

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