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Tumblr introduced themselves as a Micro-blogging platform where one can share any forms of multimedia like text images, video from anywhere you want.Rather than a detailed posts you come across every day  you can have a quick look in Tumblr, share your thoughts with compatible folks. It is possible to enter into the world of Tumblr at the age of 13. It is said to be the elite place where one can find the lump of teens all around the world.

Once you joined Tumblr you can start seeing your own dashboard.Once you make a room of friends you can start seeing their posts -you can  click the”like” button which is in the form of heart, We can even insert others post in our dashboard  via “reblog” feature. This striking  feature in Tumblr help in assessing how viral the post is  and the tagging feature  helps to boost the  post.All this options are alike to our today’s social networking sites. As of January 1, 2016, It is reported that over 60 million posts were created on the Tumblr every day.

what really this “Go viral” means  – capable of reaching out to millions of folks across the geography through your piece of content which may be a picture or  a text or  a meme or a conversation -what not?

so here comes the interesting part -Is it really possible to catch the eye with such an immense figures posted per day.

What are the procedures to be followed to make a viral post in Tumblr?

As of now, nothing claims to be the crystal clear answer for the above question. we can’t achieve something overnight, for any content creator or the website owner/blog owner the only dream is to make their content viral which can be possible by putting your  thinking cap on and doing some smart work. Still, the marketers all around tested and come out with few suggestions to set out a viral post in Tumblr.


#1  Fathom your audience

Facebook, Twitter to some level  allow us to get introduced to an unknown only when they are in our indirect  friend’s list  or within our boundaries, To the contrast, Tumblr users are united by their mutual passion than their actual geography. Try to get connected to  many bloggers whom you feel interesting. Always ensure while creating a post, it needs to be informative or make it for a purpose so people do spend some time to see what it is?Always the serious content does not work out in Tumblr sometimes you have to be cool and who knows that one cool post can become viral overnight.

Secret tip: Music and animals always find a place in audience heart use it wisely in your content.

img for 1

 # 2 Spread the magic-Reblog

It is said that your reblogs are not determined by the number of people follows. find some time to get to know some creative bloggers who can repost your content to mass numbers which bring in traffic to your page. i.e  enabling  all of his regular viewers to have a look at your post that is reposted in his page and  the viewers may also repost it and goes on. This system makes a hasty way to make your post viral. you can also  look out for  similar interest folks and  invite them to follow you also you can start following them. click heart for their post, observe their post and re-post them and start building few conversations through messaging feature of Tumblr.connecting to many people  help us to get more viewers to the we can  work out the win-win situation in future. If you are lucky enough to build a relation with  the prestigious writer of a well-known brand then you may end up getting your post going viral beyond your imagination.

img for 2

# 3 Start creating a storehouse for animated GIF

GIF Era is happening on Tumblr, Newyork times reported that 23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr every day.when you look out for GIF images in google, Tumblr tops the list. The company recently rolled out a GIF maker for its app on IOS platform so that iPhone users can make animated GIFs in the form of short video clips and image bursts and very soon it is planned to extend in android platform too.It is inevitable for someone who wants to grab the attention of people in Tumblr should get loaded with cool GIF available or start creating it on own.

img fo 3

#4  The tags-Make it right to get noticed

What do you think of this word -“Tags”- Twitter and WordPress users may sound more familiar with this buzzword.It also works in  a much better way in  Tumblr way to get noticed by your followers. once you are done with your post makeSure you think, think, think as much as you want before setting the tags for your post. you are connected with similar minded folks in Tumblr just by selecting the right terms for your tag you will get a better visibility to stand out in a crowd.

tag tumblr

#5 the 2 prime’s- content and sharing

If your friends come across captivating  crisp content in your Dashboard, Do you think they will move on without reblogging it? Definitely not. it is all about the content that matters most in today’s world to make yourself get noticed in a mass. Even though Tumbler is not restricting the users with a limitation of characters, By echoing  the same lengthy boredom blogging  with full of texts makes the visitors not to come back to your page  again .Do some extensive research to come out with an exclusive content for your followers.  Tumblr comes handy for those who need their messages to be onboard internet rapidly.some  statistics show that Tumblr is most active on weekends also at midnight the posts are getting really weird, It is suggested to queue posts between 7pm and 10pm.though timings does not influence the interesting post initially to get recognized timing do matters. Sharing your Tumblr links in various Social media like pin interest and facebook  will  drastically increase the visitors seeing your post .Apply the happening  principle “ COPE” which is used by most of the marketers all around.

Secret tip:If you are a  hardcore programmer, play with HTML and CSS give a niche theme to your page which may attract visitors.

content sharing


It is always good to learn from others experiment.If you keen on developing a viral post  for Tumblr, dedicate time to have an eye on popular viral creators, understand how they are doing, try to gather inference from them.Do the trial an error with your posts.That is it, you can crack it!


With an archive built into most of the Tumblr themes, it means even the simplest Tumblr blog can save and indefinitely  show up  their links saved long ago.seeing the same post back to back in the feeds,  have mixed effects it may end up in making the content dispersal vigorously thus making the content go viral over and over else can fall to a victim as a place  sales market  for the particular stuff which the users do not wish to see in happen in a social networking site.

Image Credits: Tumblr and Google

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