Webinar: Digital Marketing Redefined By Big Data

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Interesting Session on Big Data and Data Warehousing by Chirantan Ghosh. The session started with evolution of Data Warehousing for Marketers and ended with answering participants queries on the subject of the session.

Some of the questions that were covered during the session are:

Q. If I’m in an analytic tool company, all these things will make a lot of sense to me. If I want, I can even create partnerships with some of the companies that have huge data and try to create some kind of tools that can help the marketers to use all the data effectively. However, if I m a Marketer, how can I go about it in simple steps and experience the value of it.

A. To this question, Chirantan answered, “first thing that I would like to recommend over here is that as marketers, we always do primary buying what we want to communicate. Once we have that done, what we want to find out is whether it is the research part that we were looking into big data because ginormous volume is available or is it just a simple structure of communication. Then the first thing is to structure out your content.

Once you put it into all of these hubs, we need to meaningfully convey into one single segment. Assume that I want to take this session of Digital Vidya and as a knowledge section, I want to distribute as a marketer. So, the first thing that I will try to figure out is that who has the maximum attendance in the social media perspective in terms of knowledge events. I find out all the knowledge hubs and at this point of time when I’m filing a query in Big Data, I’m looking for knowledge hubs. So, I have isolated where I want to bombard my content i.e. isolating channels and specific modes of channels. Once this is done, I would want to take a feedback that what are the negative sentiments going around or what has already been communicated. As you said, a lot many people have already spoken about Big Data and Search Marketing, so what is unique about this particular section that we are having. We want to highlight that, showcase that, redefine the product and then put it over.

A last call is trying to make your data mobile. If you want to pop up your exercise out of it, the first thing that you want to do is isolate the notes and then set up every single campaign. In Big Data, it would tell you what has been most successful for such campaigns in social media or in terms of blogging campaigns or Webinars. Then you need to figure out, is it also live attendance.

Q. Can I Segment Data and find my sweet spot using these tools, but only as a SaaS model where I pay as you go?

A. To this question, Chirantan answered, “Definitely that is the whole point of Big Data. If you are a OEM provider and want to know that how much you should manufacture of a part of an engine say only the distribution doubts, then you can go the segmentation of every single geography, break it down to target profiles and then segment it in terms of buyer scale. In fact, you should take the same analogy for retail also. You can see the basket size, value and also the basket spend. Thereby you can start again divided into segments of demographics and all of that and entire thing can be done as a paper query. You simply first need to have a dialogue with all these providers that this is something you are willing to accomplish with a trial period which can help you to understand my needs and then probably formulate a plan. Then you put forward a template and keep on firing the data and change your template as you go so that you keep on gaining the returns. Then you pass it on to your team for further segmentation analysis for immediate actions.

To check the presentation and other questions covered during the session, you can view the recording below:

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