10 Best YouTube Marketing Tools to optimize the Reach of YouTube Videos

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Despite having so many Video marketing platforms including Facebook & Twitter, YouTube is still the only platform where users come with the only one intent i.e. watching videos. YouTube is also one of the best platforms for long-term video engagement. Leveraging YouTube’s potential of offering evergreen content can help you target and influence more prospects down the funnel quite effectively. YouTube Marketing Tools will help you in the process and aid you grow your YouTube video rankings.

YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine on the web and optimizing videos on YouTube is for sure going to ensure great reach and conversions for your videos.

When you think to optimize the reach of your YouTube Videos, YouTube Marketing Tools will help you do the result-driven YouTube SEO in the most conversion-oriented and automated way possible.

Go through below given ten YouTube Marketing Tools and understand how you can use them to optimize reach of your YouTube Videos-

10 Best YouTube Marketing Tools

1. YouTube Search Filters

  • The very first in best YouTube Marketing Tools is YouTube’s Search Engine Filters that you can use to check out other videos that offer the same kind of content that you are planning to create
  • This approach guides marketers to understand what is already working, and hence they can get the better idea of the directions that they should opt for
  • In YouTube Search Filters, you should search for the top-ranking keywords for your specific niche
  • Once you get the videos related to your niche, going through their descriptions, thumbnails, tags, etc. will help you determine why they have better reach
  • For instance, imagine you wish to create a video on Social Skills, you may search for the videos that rank high for keyword “being charismatic”
YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube Search Results for Being Charismatic Keyword-source- Single Grain

  • Now, you can check how description and other details of top-ranking videos as well
YouTube Marketing Tools

Description of top ranking video- Source- Singlegrain

  • As one of the top YouTube Marketing Tools, YouTube Search Filters allow you search for a keyword, plus, you can sort videos as per relevance, view count, rating, upload date, etc.

2. YouTube Search Auto Suggest

  • To make effective YouTube strategy, YouTube Search Auto Suggest is one of the most useful YouTube Marketing Tools that will help you easily find long-tail keywords in your niche
  • This will help you rank well for those keywords that are customized to your kind of business and hence will aid you in driving traffic to your site
  • By typing some of the short-tail keywords, you will be able to see most relevant long-tail keywords that your target audiences look for
YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube Search Auto Suggest-Source-Singlegrain

  • Opting for a tool like SEOChat, you can find out the long tail keywords that can help your videos rank well

3. SerpStat

YouTube Marketing Tools


  • Opt for SerpStat for its best in class keyword research features that will help you have in-depth insight into what keywords your competitors are using to rank high in YouTube searches
  • By giving it one “base” keyword, you can guide it to provide you a range of suggestions that you can use in your videos and rank high
  • Choose this one of the finest YouTube Marketing Tools to discover those search terms that your audiences are looking for, plus, it will also help you to compare your performance with your competitors, and get the automated reports
  • You can also use it to know those questions in your niche that people search, and hence it guides you create video content that will give answer to those questions
  • Some other notable features of SerpStat are its ability to- provide keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, determine the value of keywords, get long-tail keyword recommendations, analyze keyword trend, analyze web page relevancy, etc.

4. Brandcast

YouTube Marketing Tools


  • Brandcast is Google’s promotional platform for YouTube
  • It is considered one of the best YouTube Marketing Tools that are available for both browser and mobile use
  • Brandcast lets you build channels, promote brands, share different kinds of content, run media and do other things that are important to the success of your YouTube content
  • Incorporating their sponsor program will add new dimension to the results that you expect from any YouTube Marketing Tools

5. Tube Toolbox

YouTube Marketing Tools

Tube Toolbox

  • Tube Box incorporates the series of some of the best YouTube Marketing Tools that can optimize your overall YouTube success
  • Different features of Tube Toolbox include the ability to gather information, engage directly with audiences, automate certain tasks, manages lists, etc.
  • So many successful YouTube channels preferably use services of Tube Toolbox for boosting their YouTube Video views, subscribers, and shares
  • The amount that you will pay for this tool would for sure be quite beneficial seeing the returns Tube Toolbox offers to its users

6. YouTube Reputation Tool

YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube Reputation Tool

  • This is one of the best YouTube Marketing Tools to know how well you are known on YouTube
  • YouTube Reputation Tool lets you search for different names and keywords to check how well your reputation is circulated
  • By using this tool, you can search for your social media profile handle (Facebook or Twitter), domain name, your full name, separated domain name with commas, and so on
  • You may also opt for this tool to look for series or video titles, your industry niche, keywords related to your videos, etc. This tool helps you know the areas you should focus on to optimize reach of your videos

7. Vidiq

YouTube Marketing Tools


  • Vidiq provides a range of YouTube Marketing Tools for building a loyal audience on YouTube. It helps you increase your library of tags by 10X that aid your videos rise in the rankings.
  • Tags suggested by Vidiq helps your YouTube video to get discovered in YouTube’s sidebar in the “related videos” section. Vidiq also tells you whether it would be beneficial or not to try to rank for particular keyword or not.
  • It helps you find out those keywords that do not have too much of competition. Opt for Vidiq to know the detailed metrics about your Facebook and Twitter mentions.
  • Vidiq also aids you to know- the right time to upload, top performing videos in search, plus, it assists in effective YouTube Video management as well.
  • As one of the best YouTube Marketing Tools, Vidiq also ensures the best SEO for YouTube videos by maximizing organic reach, Engaging with your audience, Tracking social conversations and Managing collaboration.

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8. Google Plus/Explore  

  • Google Explore is again one of the best free YouTube Marketing Tools that allows you have a better understanding of keywords related to your base term
  • You can also opt for this to get aware of the slang and user-generated content which are relevant to your niche and similar to your base term
  • Google Explore lets you get a complete picture of the conversations that your audiences are doing and hence it guides you create videos on trendy and time-sensitive topics that are being discussed
  • It guides you create those videos which are more likely to be searched for on YouTube as well as in Google
  • For instance, you can find the high-traffic hashtags in Explore that you can use for tagging your YouTube videos, so the likelihood that people find your videos can be optimized
YouTube Marketing Tools

Google Explore

9. Cyfe

  • Again one of the very famous YouTube Marketing Tools that helps you view your content marketing data in one place
  • You can use Cyfe to monitor social media mentions of your company on different networks, plus, you can also monitor marketing channels like e-mail, SEO, SEM, social media, and analytics
YouTube Marketing Tools


  • Cyfe also helps in Client reporting and Web analytics in your YouTube Marketing campaigns
  • You can opt for Cyfe to keep a track of your business finances related to balances, expenses, revenues, etc. Its sales board will help you view your sales goals, new customers, and other latest opportunities
  • It includes a project management portal that gives an overview of your latest projects and tasks. Its IT sections tell you about website uptime, app performance, server load, and other IT metrics

10. TubeBuddy

YouTube Marketing Tools


  • TubeBuddyis a Chrome extension that you would always find in the list of best YouTube Marketing Tools
  • You should download this extension for managing your YouTube channel, as it gives different optimization, promotion, and management tools for your YouTube videos
  • It also offers advanced analytics tools to help you optimize your YouTube SEO. This extensions’ feature will load YouTube’s site and ensure one of the easiest YouTube Marketing experiences for you
  • You can use it to know which video tags you are already ranking well for as well as which tags would benefit you in future
  • Some of the notable features of TubeBuddy are captions service, Opportunity finder, Video A/B tests and Best Practice Audit that help you ensure that you’re not making any mistakes when uploading your videos

Master YouTube Marketing skills

When it comes to optimizing the reach of YouTube Video, there are many things to take into consideration.

Along with creating high-quality engaging and relevant YouTube videos, you should also choose the right tags, use effective and keyword-rich description, and convince audiences to share and subscribe your YouTube videos.

Aforestated YouTube Marketing Tools will make the whole process of YouTube SEO quite easy for you, and enrolling in Social Media Marketing Corse would help you master the YouTube Marketing skills.

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To know which YouTube Marketing Tools would be the best fit to optimize the reach of your YouTube videos, share your YouTube details in comments below.

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