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Data Science Orientation Recording

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42 thoughts on “Data Science Orientation Recording”

  1. I missed the Live session,so I have a question here.you said that it wont be easy to get in for freshers in R unless they do a project or so can we get some support from you to do projects on R?

  2. Yes. Just Knowledge is not sufficient. I would suggest that you do multiple projects. In our Course, we will give you 2-3 projects with different datasets. You will have to complete at least one project as part of your course curriculum.

  3. Avatar of akhilesh kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar

    I am having approximately 6 years in banking operations looking for data analyst programm please suggest me which module would be best for me.

    1. Hi Akhilesh,

      We seem to have missed you question earlier, sorry about that. A large number of Banks and Insurance companies are heavily invested in SAS. Starting with SAS may be a great option with your domain knowledge. I have also compiled some interesting facts on the different data anlaytics tracks, that may help you with your decision.

      All the best with your learning !!

  4. I am currently working in data analytics in an mnc. What we do here is we analyze consumer reviews and make reports to the customer regarding product positives and negatives. Can i see my future in data analytics with the experience i have

    1. Hi Uday, Absolutely, you have already started to see how data needs to be analyzed. I would encourage that you build the right skills and equip yourself with the methods and tools to improve your data anlaytics capability (for instance how can sentimental analysis b applied and used here).

      We have compiled some interesting facts on the different data anlaytics tracks, that may help you explore for yourself on where do you want to skill yourself,

  5. Hi,
    Myself Nilesh working with an event management company where there is a lot of unorganized data which creates a problem in the final execution so I found out it as a problem and was keen on learning analytical technique course from Digital Vidya as also I am a non programmer and also needed information if I do this course in what other sectors can I get job after completing this course.

  6. Hi Nilesh,

    Data is a very important aspect of “Data Science” and it is the fact that the various functional areas who own the real data, in roles of operations/sales/marketing/finance/logistics, must have the power of data analytics.

    You are seeing for yourself that wanting to run operations and execution efficiently in your event management company, you are struggling to put together your data. I would like to draw your attention to the 2017 European Data Science Salary Survey, where 70% respondents have chosen Excel as their tool of choice for solving data analytics business problems.

    We have created a curriculum to specifically fulfill this need, where people would leverage the power of Microsoft Excel, and Business Intelligence tool, PowerBI. This is one of our most popular courses with people from all walks of industries and functions.

    This applies to any industry, you will be able to position yourself in all kind of domains.

  7. I am having 8 years of Project Management/consulting in Pharma domain with M.Pharmacy degree holder.Whether I will be preferred for healthcare analytics role and the scope in the current market

  8. Hi Yogeswaran, The domain knowledge of industry is definitely a very strong component for an analyst. I would ask you to look at two options:

    a) SAS is a pretty popular software used by the large healthcare/pharma industries. Do have a look at the client list on their site
    Also use the job portals to see the job requirements, as that continues to change based on the current demand.

    b) Python as the choice of language for data science, as this is definitely going to be very forward-looking in terms of adoption across different sectors.
    Also, read up this article:

    Hope this information helps you.

  9. Avatar of rajesh premani
    Rajesh Premani

    * I’m a non coding professional at the moment, but would like to get into Python for Big Data and Predictive Analysis (catering to the Media Industry) immediately after I’m done with the Excel course. Please guide me on the road-map for getting into Python (eventually), being a non programmer. FYI and records, I have already enrolled for the Excel course that is due to commence 0n 23rd of Dec 2017. Many thanks!

  10. I have Manual product functional testing experience of 15 years. Looking for a change in career. Data Analyst can be one option. How to proceed with this. what do you suggest.

    1. Hi Trupti,

      I know that 15 years of manual testing may have moved you away from programming. Critical question to you is – Are willing and ready to put in all the effort to now pick up programming?

      I have a very simple set of steps listed here for a complete non-programmer to start with Python programming.

      See if you can follow this article (and take help of a friend from Python background, if needed). Once you have a comfort level, then you can start to solve more problems and ready to sign-up to learn Data Analytics using Python.

      SAS is another option where you may take to programming a little slower.

  11. Avatar of sanchit srivastava
    Sanchit Srivastava

    Hi, I am a graduate in b. Com,currently I am working as a team member in BPO for MNC, I want to boost my career as a Data analyst,so that I can find more and better career opportunities for my self.. Please prefer me a career option I can have in this….

    1. Hi Sanchit,

      I would advise you to do the course of ‘Analytic Techniques and PowerBI’, this will get yo the skills to find roles as data analyst or BI (Business Intelligence) with advanced Excel.

  12. Hi Anurag, I will draw your attention to these articles so that you can understand the work for data analytics in the energy sector.
    1 – Read on ‘Inside the data science toolkit’ – You will typically find Big Data technologies and Python programming becoming big
    2 – AutoGrid like players use Big Data storage to collect all data from the IoT devices (Internet of Things) and then crunch data using the Data Science machine learning algorithms.

  13. hi..

    which course to be learned for these below analysis.
    Financial Planning and Forecasting
    Investment and Business Case Analysis
    Chargebacks, Showbacks and Allocations
    IT Benchmarking
    IT Staff and Resource Management
    Procurement and Vendor Management
    IT Asset Management
    IT Performance Management.

    1. Hi Likhith, I would need you think of all the scenarios that you have mentioned above as data problems. One would need to understand the business/domain to be able to understand
      a) The available information/data requirement
      b) Explore the existing data to understand what the data reveals – this is called exploratory analysis
      c) The work on prescription or prediction by applying Statistical techniques like regression, classification, clustering, nearest neighbor etc ..

      I am basically asking you to first ask:
      “What skills to I need to address business problems to enable to do financial forecasting etc …”
      and then “Which course” will enable me to learn these skills.

      People are solving these problems in different ways which could involve tools like Excel or Statistical Software like SAS, or programming language like Python and R. There are products also that are created to address very specific problems.

      If you want to build your skills with a strong foundation, such that you can approach a scenario, and convert it into a data based problem. You definitely need to build Statistical and some tooling skills.
      If you are interested in a technical career, I would recommend that you go for “Data Analytics in Python”.
      If you want to focus on business and data, you should look at “Analytical Techniques using Excel and PowerBI”

  14. hi, i am a post graduate in economics.would you please suggest me a definite pathway to step into data analytics? i want to start with R programming but there is no clear pathway in front of me.

  15. Hi Abhishek, If you are willing to get into programming, I would advise you to learn Data Analytics using Python.

    In terms of roadmap, we have created the curriculum such that one can start from the basics, and over the 4-5 months build skills such that one is becoming job-ready. We enable the learners with a lot of hands-on practice, assignments, Capstone project and Kaggle practice. Do download the curriculum https://www.digitalvidya.com/data-analytics-course/

    Is there any particular reason why you would like to start with R? While in the last couple of years (2016-2017), R and Python were in the grey as R had stood as the clear leader for data analytics, by end of 2017, sufficient data is saying that the Data Scientists are moving towards adopting Python as the language-of-choice. Read my answer on Quora

  16. I have done the btech in eee and doing a job in power sector. Which course suits my profile. Please guide me!

    1. Hi Kamran,

      I would definitely recommend you to go with Data Analytics in Pyton as that opens up a very large opportunity for applying data science.
      The power sector is a space where IoT is a huge contributor, and therefore many techniques are required to make sense out of that data.

  17. Hi,
    Myself smriti working in a direct selling marketing company Modicare as a part time.i m still persue my masters degree in accounting.i want to boost my career as a data analysts,so that I can find more and better career opportunities for myself.can I get job after completing this course.please prefer me a career option I can have in this.

    1. Hi Smriti, I would recommend you to do “Analytic Techniques using Excel and PowerBI”. With the skills in Advanced Excel, SQL, Visualization tool like PowerBI, you will have a strong set of skills for a job. You should definitely explore for job profiles that are listed in the recruitment portals to get a sense on building a career.

  18. Hi , I am from humanity background. I have 2 years of work experience in insurance operations (Captive unit).
    As industry move on automation and for immune ourself I have to enhance my skills. I want to join Data Analysis course can you please suggest me what good for me and how to start my career in this as I mentioned above I don’t have science/Commerce back ground.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ankit, I would not claim to know the branch of Humanity, however I can be certain that it must be based on data, and being able to do data-based decisions under Humanity or Insurance or general operation is applicable.

      I would recommend that you do the course “Analytic Techniques using Excel and PowerBI”, as this will enable you with Advanced Excel, SQL, PowerBI, foundational concepts on Statistics.

      Do talk to our team for further discussion.

  19. Avatar of subhankar majumdar
    Subhankar Majumdar

    I am currently a fresh MBA graduate and I am working in a corporate sales profile for a leading textile manufacturer. I am having a dilemma with the current job profile as I am seeing that it is not adding values like channel management, handling different channel partners or doing what we call strategic selling. For that I want to move to FMCG sales or want to shift to marketing profile. I am really confused as to what skill to add so that I fit best in any of the above roles. Since all good profiles are asking for experience or exposure in FMCG sales I am really facing a big dead end! Please suggest a way forward if I want to boost my chances by learning a tool

  20. Hi Subhankar,

    I am not sure how to address your query, as I don’t really have a way to help you build the FMCG sales experience.
    What you can certainly do is enable you to boost your career by learning the skills required to help business take data-based decision, in whichever role or industry. Does learning ways to leverage data excite you? Do talk to our career team for a more in-depth discussion.


  21. Hi,
    I am a Project Manager for a software company where we manage the telecom infrastructure of the client. We need to analyse a lot of reports from tools like Splunk, Tableau and some of the monitoring tools and provide insights. We have data from thousands of sites available.We are currently using plain excel to splice and dice the data. I like doing analysis and wanted to understand if Data Analytics would help me further with the analysis? I also wanted to understand what are the other outcomes we can have if I apply data scienc on these kinds of data sets? Would we be able to predictive analysis as well?
    Too many Q’s but guess letting it all out now!


  22. Hi Jay,

    Absolutely, it is definitely becoming crucial for the telecom infrastructure companies to invest into analytics, especially to focus on predictive maintenance. If you search around, you will find a few published articles on how some of them have made reasonable progress towards this goal.

    Splunk has launched its offerings around Machine Learning, though I don’t know strength of the out of the box solution, and may need good amount of custom code. Have you explored it?

    I would definitely encourage you to build your skills in Data Science using one of the programing language that supports extensive machine Learning. This enables you to have a strong foundation basis, and know what and how to do things.

    Tools/products (like Splunk) would build some internal logic to do these things, however, you will now understand what and how to make proper power of it without the correct level of understanding.

  23. Hi this pavani
    Can I work on r and python
    What are the career opportunities in python and r?

    1. Avatar of shweta gupta
      Shweta Gupta

      Hi Pavani,

      One may work on as many technologies as they exist. The tech industry is such that multiple tools continue to be used by companies.

      I believe the question really needs to be as to where should one start building skills to maximize the career opportunity landscape.
      I would advise you to read through the Kaggle survey (https://www.kaggle.com/surveys/2017). Python is the program of choice for entering the field now.

      Read my answer on Quora


  24. Hi,
    Sorry, to miss the webinar sessions, i watched the recording, I want to know my possibilities in this sector based on my work experience and age factor(33 yrs).
    I work as independent stock trader from past 3 years before i worked as purchase officer for interior designing company and as team lead[sales] in a real estate firm[EDU: Mechanical engineer].

  25. Avatar of shweta gupta
    Shweta Gupta

    Hi Bhaskar,

    I would like to understand a little more on your purpose of learning data analytics. You are likely already doing reasonable analysis being a stock trader (or not!!).

    Data is a very important aspect of “Data Science” and it is the fact that the various functional areas who own the real data, must have the power of data analytics. I can’t imagine anyone in their roles being effective without being empowered by skills to work with data. So in that sense age is not a barrier, rather building skills is key to be more effective in what you do.

    We have created a curriculum to specifically fulfill this need, where people like yourself would leverage the power of Microsoft Excel, and Business Intelligence tool, PowerBI, Statistics and SQL. This is one of our most popular courses with people from all walks of industries and functions.

    Do talk to us if you would like to understand more about this offering.

  26. Hi swetha,

    Thanks for the reply, As already stated in my previous post i work as stock trader, i want to further move into algotrading and portfolio management, for this i need to learn how to work with data to build strategy, back testing and more.
    But in present scenario the above job profile requires a mathematics/physics or PhD expertise or work experience as data science.

    So, its very clear for me that i need a job to gain a experience as data scientist[i would prefer python programming data science course].

    But looking at my diversified work profile[details in early post], What are the odds of getting a call for an interview?

    1. Avatar of shweta gupta
      Shweta Gupta

      Bhaskar, The odds are procuring a job in old-style mechanism is very low. However, the world of Data Science is quite different. Once you build a strong profile and presence on Data Science portals like Kaggle, and participate in Hackathons organized by companies like Skillenja, Analytic Vidya in India, you can really increase your chances and be high on hiring.

      One also has to reset expectations that when we make lateral shifts in career, we have to give ourselves some time in the industry!!
      Hope this helps.

  27. Hi Sweta,
    i am a mainframe developer and working as a project lead now. Would like to get in to data science career . please suggest me some options available.


  28. Hi Revathy,

    Data Science using Python is the right set of skills for you to build a career in Data Science.

    I would ask you to start getting familiar with the Python Programming and Statistics fundamentals. Both are being made available as free self-paced course. Do talk to your Digital Vidya consultant and get access, as it is never too soon to learn Statistics for anyone interested in working with data.


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