How to choose the best Digital Marketing Institute?

Follow the below checklist to graduate from the best Digital Marketing Institute

Institute Legacy

Course fee


Teaching staff




Study material


1. Institute Legacy

It’s not the building walls which determine the institute’s worth. There are some contributing factors like the history of the Institute, the alumni base and the Institute brand recognition, which distinguishes an Institute from its competitor.

While choosing a Digital Marketing Institute, the following steps should be kept in mind:

  • The growth graph of the institute in all its past years
  • The acquired partnerships by the institute
  • The Digital Marketing Institute Brand reputation in the market

You need not  fumble more to pillar yourself against the wonder question- Which is the top Digital Marketing Institute? Digital Vidya’s legacy has everything to satisfy your conditions for the best Digital Marketing Institute.

2. Teaching staff of the Digital Marketing Institute

Faculty is the sole member who will drive you on the  path of Digital Marketing. He is responsible not only to put the curriculum through your minds but also to give practical solutions to all doubts.

Now the question is how to get to know about the faculty value of a Digital Marketing Institute? 

The well stood Institute believes in transparency. You can get to know all their information through their official sites.

Shown below are the trainers from our Institute – Digital Vidya

3. Periodic updation of Digital Marketing Curriculum

The course curriculum must be relevant according to the industry needs. When it comes to the curriculum of a Digital Marketing Institute, it must cover all the basics to gradually upgrade the level to the detailed use of Digital Marketing tools and their implementation in the job sector.

The demand for a strong curriculum is that it must be periodically revised according to new market introductions. The latest course content of Digital Marketing Curriculum is listed below:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adwords 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Jumbo Topics on Digital Marketing

Curriculum of Our Digital Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing is pacing at the rate of the immeasurable figure. This acceleration is directly answerable to the need for regular curriculum update. In Digital Vidya, we aim to present the most comprehensive plan to train our students.

In the curriculam series of 44 modules, each chapter is designed according to its demand in the Industry. The module sessions will gradually upgrade your skills from the basic introduction to your expertise in Digital Marketing tools.

The modules are mounted in a specified time frame with the allotted days and dates. Each module is delivered in a single week where multiple classes are organized to efficiently train the session content within those 7 days.

We have been training in this industry for 10 years now. In all these years the necessity of online digital marketing training is clear in our part. As digital is the medium to gather all the research and information, the aspirants have to reach us online to get trained.

4. Course fee of Digital Marketing Institute

Your priority while choosing a Digital Marketing Institute is the Return on Investment, whether the money you are paying will even turn out beneficial?

Digital Marketing is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Obviously , the benefits are incredible if you are a skilled guy. Solely depending upon the Digital Marketing course fee is a bad choice. 

The fee depends upon the course duration and the mode of training. 

5. Testimonials and other Reviews on Digital Marketing Institute

The company review is one of the most important checkpoints. Testimonials are the pickup points which help you to get the answer for where the institute actually stands?
Digital Marketing is the boom of today. It has successfully covered all the social media platforms. You can easily go through the reviews and experiences of passed out students.

Shown below are the testimonials of our Institute

 Digital Vidya Institute Reviews


CDMM Course has very detailed modules and the instructors are also very knowledgeable in the subject areas.

Edward Dzoboku

Territory sales manager, Vodafone

This course not only teaches the Digital Marketing Skills but covers the basic principles of marketing & Customer behaviour.

Chandramohan S


I enjoyed learning a lot of new things in Digital Marketing. Thanks to all my Trainers & Digital Vidya’s team.

Abhinay Patil

Team leader, PayTM.

6. Access to Digital Marketing study material

Once you are done with the 3-6 months Digital Marketing training, is that education enough to behold your future? No. You need the access to all the latest updates this course will bring in the coming years, you may need to revise the attended sessions. 

For fulfilling the above needs, the Digital Marketing Institute must provide you free access to all the latest content for the lifetime.

7. Projects, Case studies and Assignments

Digital Marketing is a practical based subject. Just going through the theoretical study material is not enough to enhance your skills. You need to take a deep dive into the assignments, the live projects and case studies to meet your demands with real-life scenarios.

Hands-on Digital Marketing Online Assignments

To get you trained with a better practical approach, Digital Vidya offers real-time experience with hands-on projects and assignments. The assignment sessions are lead by realistic case studies which define the value of online training in a better way.

Case Study Assignments

The ruling organization, Digital Vidya has apparently worked on its case studies in association with top Digital Marketing Campaigns. The institute has structured 60 hours of case studies and exercises to cover all the valuable and appealing Digital Marketing content.
The exercises offer you to play with the extreme ends of Digital Marketing. Here, you will be offered to make your Business Case Solutions to explore your heights in this field. Practical approaches like the one offered by our Institute, add wings to Digital Marketing Training. There are very few online platforms which guide your path with such a joyful journey.

8. Placement Assistance and Internship Guarantee

For what reason does a student pay in Digital Marketing Institute? Obviously, he needs the best practical exposure through internships and placement in a worthy company.
End your checklist after ensuring that your chosen Institute has a dedicated placement cell and upgrades your skills with 100% internship guarantee.


For choosing the best among million, we usually go through random recommendations which may sometimes disappoint us. Above shared are some of the checkpoints which one must stick to answer your question- What is the best coaching institute for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the highest- paying jobs. Picking up a genuine Digital Marketing Institute needs to be an effortful task, after all you are investing your time, your money and your determination to upgrade your skills here. 

Digital Vidya is a Global Leader which is standing as an unparalleled Institute since 2009. One of the early-phased Institute to start Digital Marketing Course in India, Digital Vidya has successfully trained more than 35000 students till date.

Visualization & Reporting

Behavioral Training

Financial Management



Which is the Top Digital Marketing Institute in India?

There are ‘n’ number of Digital Marketing Institutes, distinguished on the grounds of their capabilities, price, offerings and performance. On the list of every categorized parameter, Digital Vidya has optimally cemented its feet.

Name any term – the quality deliveries, the authenticity of certifications or the trainers, Digital Vidya has proved its worth everywhere around. Today, Digital Vidya stands out as the best Digital Marketing Institute in India.

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon has not only gained popularity as a corporate sector but has also emerged as an educational and career hub. The growing developments in Digital Marketing jobs have led many aspirants to pursue Digital Marketing training.

Looking forward to the best Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon, Digital Vidya has proven its value in delivering the best-in-class digital marketing training. The online & classroom training program of Digital Vidya’s teacher-led instructor has helped marketing professionals improve their skills and ensure career growth for students and freshers

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida?

Most of the businesses have turned digital which has increased the demand for digital marketing professionals has grown by leaps & bounds. Getting the right Digital Marketing training is important to build a successful career.

If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida, there is no shortage of available options. Getting the right Digital Marketing training is important to kick start your career. In providing the best-in-class digital marketing training in Noida, Digital Vidya has proved its quality in offering the best possible Digital Marketing training solutions.

Which are the top Digital Marketing Institute in India?

While you are looking for the top Digital Marketing Institutes in India, you are actually struggling with the list of top hundreds. The segregating factors are just the parameters which make one institute more valuable than the other.
Digital Vidya has efficiently worked to come up with the requirements of the market. The Institute provides its Digital Marketing Course at an afforded price of INR 49,990 backed by the staff of top industry leaders. 13 authentic certificates issued in association with the top leading SM companies makes it worthy to opt.

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi?

Delhi is the central hub where every Indian aspirant desires to put up. This is the reason that the highest number of successful organizations have settled down here. When the question is to pin the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi, no doubt, the demand is for the best curriculum and the genuine certifications.

Many bloggers have categorized the list of Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi with proper mention of each parameter. One can easily scroll down the page to choose the best among the top.

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the most popular and successful cities with great opportunities for
students to study and explore. At the moment, Digital Marketing Course is in huge demand due to the increasing number of companies & brands working to grow their business online.

When looking forward to the best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, Digital Vidya has proven its value in providing the best-in-class digital marketing training. Digital Vidya’s instructor-led online & classroom training program has helped marketing professionals in upgrading their skills and ensuring career growth for students and freshers.

Which Digital Marketing Institute is best to join?

There are some parameters under which we choose a suitable institute for ourselves. These may be the Institute credibility, the curriculum, the course fee, the class medium, the placement assurance and most importantly- the certifications.

Once an individual is satisfied with all the above parameters in accordance with his requirements, it’s easy to sort out the best Digital Marketing Institute for him.

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