Theodore Hayes

Theodore Hayes, Head of Analytics. B Eng Hons in Automotive Engineering, 4+ years in the digital industry. Having moved from the UK, Theo heads iProspect India’s Analytics Division as the first Google Analytics Reseller, he has provided over 40+ clients analytics solutions ranging from implementation to driving business value. He has built the iProspect India Analytics team to a sizeable number within a short span whom handle global clients such as Sony, Microsoft and General Motors, and premium clients such as Myntra, Commonfloor, most major private banks. Prior to Joining iProspect India, Theo worked in RepriseMedia within SEM, handling Tempur, Microsoft, Verizon, KIA, Hyundai and Cathay Pacific. He is a regular contributor to the thought leaders of the DMAI conferences and regular lecturer at DMTI. Theo also has moderated and lead the recent analytics conference on, from data collection to valuable insights in Bangalore and also was on the speaker panel for DMAI GMAW 2015 in Delhi on how data visualisation fit into predictive analytics. From an early age, Theo has always been data driven and immersed into the world of data, which lead him into Engineering. Finally releasing his vocation, he found his dream job in Digital Marketing.


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