8 Best Backlinks Tools To Get High-Quality Backlinks

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Are you looking for an SEO strategy for getting your website to the top of the search engines?

Well, along with creating high-quality content, it is important to focus energy and time on link building. The more content you create, there are greater chances that you will get organic backlinks.backlinks

However, there is no surety that it will get you the best results come after you. Building low quality can only harm you. Since backlinks remain one of the top ranking factors, it is important to implement a strategy that you can trust.

How can you do it?

Well, this depends on the type of website you have and the strategy you are using and the overall viewpoint on SEO. Doesn’t matter where you stand at the moment, it is crucial to learn about link building tools for generating positive results.

Top 8 Backlinks Tools To Get More Backlinks

Here is the list of 8 backlinks tools that will help you get more backlinks.

Check My Links

Being a Google Chrome extension, this backlink tool is one of the simplest tools for building backlinks. Wish to generate high-quality inbound links? Start pinpointing broken links on other websites, reach out to the apt party, and suggest that it be replaced with one to your site.

With Check My Links, you can speed up this process. If you enable this extension, you can quickly check the status of each link on a web page. There will be some links showing up as active or green, however, some will be displayed red. This indicates broken links. These are the ones that provide you with a backlink opportunity.

Broken Link Builder

This is another option to build broken links if you don’t wish to use the Check My Links Google Chrome extension.

This tool doesn’t force you to search for broken links on one page at a time but helps you uncover broken links within a matter of seconds by searching the web on your behalf.

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Once you get the list of broken links, it is the time that you start working. After this, you have to start the outreach process in order to get in touch with the person who is responsible for swapping out the broken link to a better one.

How to get started in 3 simple steps:

  • Use the tool to trace broken links related to your subject matter.
  • Select pages that you can recreate or those that have content related to what you already have on your website.
  • Reach out to site owners, inform them about the broken link and suggest that they link to your content.

There are two things done by Broken Link Builder:

  • Helps to find link opportunities.
  • Saves the time.

If you are a marketing professional, both these things should be crucial to you.


Linkbird is probably a do-it-all SEO tool. There are many features that are inclined towards building links, however, you can also use Linkbird for:

  • Analyze your backlink profile
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Track your rankings

Another important feature of this tool is the ease with which it integrates link building with your content marketing strategy.

Other high-level features of Linkbird include:

  • Ability to locate websites for high-quality backlinks.
  • Uncover your competition’s backlinks that allow you to chase after the same links.
  • Helping in the outreach process by integrating it with an email ticket system.
  • Also, this tool has a team member collaboration feature. This is perfect for companies in which more than one person is responsible for link building and marketing. Since they keep everyone on the same page, wasted time is least.

Using Linkbird means content marketing and link building is together in perfect harmony.


When it comes to link outreach and prospecting, there are not many tools with as much power and as many features like Pitchbox. What Pitchbox says about itself.

“Pitchbox automates the grunt work so you can focus on what you do best: creating real, person-to-person connections with the people you want to reach.”

You should think about Pitchbox if you are serious about building links and taking your brand to a whole new level.

It helps in building highest quality links. This tool helps in finding targeted opportunities on the basis of your search preferences. Also, it includes the contact information and social profile for each prospect.

Pitchbox also helps in providing an automated follow-up feature which helps in taking things one step ahead. This helps you to stay in touch with link prospects, even if you don’t have the time to do so.

Along with all these features, its Intelligent Templates helps to outreach and stand out from the crowd. This is because you don’t want your email to be buried and rather take it seriously. Using well-organized template helps to personalize each outreach.

This backlink tool provides a variety of high-level features, all you can do without filling up needless details. This makes it all the more efficient.


Local SEO is something you are targeting? If you are interested in ranking for local search terms, then you can use Whitespark in that case. For instance, the google results for phrase ‘Pittsburgh florists’ are given as following:

In contrast to a general search for ‘florists’ or any related term, a location based search would be taking into consideration for local SEO. Whitespark is therefore, built for local SEO.

This is what Whitespark does for you:

“Use the link prospector to quickly and easily find link opportunities for guest blogging, niche directories, link pages, sponsorships, and more.”

While you search for NAP citations, you will get to know this is probably your best friend which helps to narrow your focus, saves time, gives you the information that you need to reverse engineer your citations of competition.

Whitespark tool helps you to find the following opportunities:

  • Reviews
  • Guest posting
  • Directories
  • Donations
  • Professional organizations

These opportunities put you in a position where you can build high-quality backlinks to your site with the intention of improving your rankings for local terms.

Whitespark is focused on local results however, it can be used on a broad scale.

Monitor Backlinks

Not a traditional link building tool but it is one of those you definitely need on a regular basis. Few of the functions performed by Monitor Backlinks:

  • Give information on every new backlink.
  • Send alerts when your competitor gets a new link.
  • Give information relating to keyword rankings and site speed.

The first thing you should start doing is set up your competitors with the help of dashboard. From there, you should keep an eye to every new link that your competition receives. This will give you a better understanding of their link building approach while also putting you in position where you can match them link for link.

If you think your website is worthy enough of the same link, then you are now in position to quickly reach out and start a conversation. With the correct approach, you may be able to have your competitor’s backlink replaced with yours.

Another important feature of this tool is its backlinks SEO metrics. This helps to learn more about each backlink along with:

  • Anchor texts
  • Social Shares
  • External link count
  • IP host detection
  • MozRank
  • Link status

As the name suggests, this tool helps you to monitor your backlinks along with what your competitor is doing.


Link building’s aim is to generate as many high-quality links as possible. Undoubtedly, quality is far superior than quantity but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to know when you secure a new link.

With Linkstant, you can build on the premise that you want to know about every new backlink to your website. This tool helps you to find every possible link right at this moment.

Benefits one can drive by using Linkstant:

  • It helps you to see who is most interested in your content and website.
  • It keeps you motivated as there is nothing more exciting than realizing that you secured a quality backlink.
  • It helps you to see why others are linking to your website, for good or bad reasons. Thus, if a link comes with a negative feedback, you can take the action immediately.

Well, Linkstant doesn’t help you get new backlinks but it does help you in getting backlinks indirectly.


Almost similar to Linkstant, it provides a variety of tools to better understand your backlinks. It helps you to give a clear overview of your competition is like when it comes to link building.

One of the most important features of Linkody is its ability to email you when a competitor gets a new backlink. Linkody could also be used to review your competitor’s entire backlink profile. It also provides information like the ones mentioned below:

  • Number of links
  • Where the URL is coming from
  • Anchor text
  • IP
  • When each link was discovered
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • EFL
  • TLD

These details can help you with understanding your competitors better. Understanding the profile of the backlinks of your competitors, you can outrank them.

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Linkody has 3 phases of link building process:

  • Locating and monitoring backlinks.
  • Assessing backlinks through advanced metrics.
  • Reviewing the backlink strategy of your competitors

With the help of these three step approach, you can use Linkody to understand your power link building and better understand your competition.


Given are top 8 backlinks tools you can use to be ahead of your competitors. Which backlink tool did you find the most efficient? Have something to add? Share with us in the comment section below!

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