AHA Used Affiliate Marketing To Increase Number Of Donations By 90%

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The American Heart Association (AHA), has made positive change in their number of donations by effective use of Affiliate Marketing. This lead them get an average donation value which was 67% higher than others and 90% higher than previous donations. Let us see made them to achieve this feat.


About American Heart Association (AHA)

American Heart Association (AHA) is a very old non-profit organization. It was founded in New York in 1915 as the Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease. Later the name was changed to American Heart Association in 1924. Currently there headquarter is situated in Dallas, Texas. Their Mission is, “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke”. Nancy Brown is the current CEO of American Heart Association (AHA) and Elliot Antman, M.D., is the president. It is basically a national health agency that works voluntarily.nancy-brown

For an organization that works voluntarily it is very necessary to keep a check on the flow of donations as that’s their only life line to keep it going. In order to maintain that flow of donations they use different methods of promotion by campaigning and other methods.

Elliot Antman presendent of AHA

Elliot Antman president of AHA


It has been a long time since American Heart Association (AHA) has been fighting for saving people from heart diseases. Heart disease is identified as the number one killer of women. American Heart Association (AHA) is trying to minimize this threat by creating different awareness programs and campaigns.


In order to fight for this cause, American Heart Association (AHA) used the help of Rakuten MediaForge. It is an ecommerce company which helps other sites for promotion of ads and campaigns using innovation display of ads.

American Heart Association (AHA), made an effective use of Affiliate Marketing which led them to increase the number of donations to 90% higher than pervious donations.


With the help of Rakuten MediaForge, American Heart Association (AHA) started a campaign which gave them a crowd of 1.3 million for their ads. Specific Media and MediaMath were there biggest clients for those campaigns. They leverage affiliate marketing and started increasing their reach by putting their contents in different media and social media platforms. In this process they gave a rewards for those who could promote their campaigns and ads by using the technique of affiliate marketing.  This have dramatically improved their performance especially in the category of brand messaging and calls to action.

There secret of achieving a large crowd who can voluntarily support their cause was their methods of better targeting. They started targeting their supporter of campaign on the basis of their behavior and information and their activities in social media platforms.


Their Go Red For Women program was a great success. The Go Red For Women website got 3,491,909 viewer till date. American Heart Association (AHA) successfully raised $36, 295, 187 amount of money through donation by this Go Red For Women program. They have a huge number of supporters with 1,641,274 people and growing day by day. As a whole it shows that American Heart Association (AHA), made a great use of this program to gain such a number.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing can be defined as the process of using other affiliates for marketing their brand in exchange of a business reward for each visitor or customer brought by the marketing efforts of the affiliate. Their main is to bring in traffic to their website by the help of other websites by displaying their contents, campaigns and ads in other website. This strategy was of great help to American Heart Association (AHA) for reaching out their supporters of campaigns and programs which led them to increase the number of donation by 90%.


All the efforts of American Heart Association (AHA), to market their cause was of great success. The achievements followed right after the use of affiliate marketing was remarkable. Here are few outcomes that followed after their effort.

  • There was a 62% increase in number of people who engaged with ads registered for Go Red Women program then all those who did not received and ad.
  • 146% higher number of conversion of “tell five friends” among those who receive an ad than those who did not received. This shows that the ads were really effective.
  • “Just a little heart attack” video was watched by 152% number of people.
  • The number of donations are increased by 90%
  • Those who have once engaged there is chance of 393% more likely to visit the site.
  •  People who engaged with the ads have watched “Just a little heart attack” 24% more times than others who did not engaged.


The strategy used by American Heart Association (AHA) have focused the use of Affiliate marketing in a website. The way they have promoted the campaigns and programs was commendable. The result was remarkable which shows the efficiency of Affiliate marketing. So, if you want to bring in some positive change in the number of visitors and customers in your website, try using affiliate marketing.

Image Credits: mobileworldlive.com, blog.patientslikeme.com, kxlt.images.worldnow.com, incomecashcredit.com.

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