Allen Solly Used Social Media Marketing To Earn A Whopping 2194% ROI

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Allen Solly Used Social Media Marketing To Earn A Whopping 2194% ROI

About Allen Solly

Allen Solly, launched in India in the year 1993, is a leading brand in the premium apparel segment. Allen Solly is the most innovative of the Madura Fashion & Lifestyle’s brands in India. This brand has set the trend in the changing workplace culture by adding vibrant colors to the typical work wear segment with its  ‘Friday Dressing’ category apparels. Allen Solly introduced casual work apparels for working men and women and this product concept became  very successful in the Indian market mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Work culture in India became more relaxed than before, as the organization has no strict rule about dressing norms.
  • Growing entrepreneurship amongst the professionals created an opportunity for using work casuals apparels at the work place.
  • New age people are keen to look stylish and modern at their work places. Modern employees want to express their individuality and personality through their apparels and accessories.

Allen Solly ‘s Business Objectives

Allen Solly brand has launched Allen Solly’s End of Season Sale Facebook Application campaign, keeping the following business objective in its agenda.

  • To accelerate engagement levels with fans and customers on Facebook and then to translate them into improving footfalls and sales at their exclusive retail stores in the city.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Allen SollyAllen Solly Used Social Media Marketing To Earn A Whopping 2194% ROI

In this campaign, they created a “Scratch Card” Facebook application and the participants were allowed to scratch a card online and win discounts of 30%, 35% and 40% on Allen Solly apparels. The participants were asked to enter their names, contact numbers and email addresses and then click the submit tab so as to get the discount coupons delivered to their registered email addresses. Campaign participants need to print the discount coupon and show it at any Allen Solly retail shop to avail the discount offers mentioned in the coupon.

This social media marketing campaign application was made available on Android and iOS mobile phones too and this additional channel ensures better coverage amongst the Facebook fans. Company popularizes the campaign to a greater extend through social media advertisements and other promotional activities on Facebook.

Results Achieved By Allen Solly

  • The campaign was very successful. The brand generated a whopping 2,194% revenue on its total investment in the campaign.
  • Overall, this campaign achieved 10 million Indian rupees revenue.
  • Facebook promotional activities alone made 4% of the total sales during the End of Season sale campaign.


This campaign became so successful because the kind of discounts offered to its participants along with aggressive promotional activities through social media advertising and Facebook posting. The brand has become successful to develop interests in the minds of participants with its amazing offers. This case study shows that a campaign which care about the target people’s expectations will attract more participants and engagements.

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