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Using SQL with Python – The Ultimate Guide

Accessing your databases through a programming language allows the creation of applications which can store and retrieve data directly from or for a user interface. There are various Python SQL libraries which do this task for the programming language Python. Here we will discuss SQLite which is the most popular Python SQL library out there. […]

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Data Scientist Job Description: The Ultimate Guide

Data Scientist Job Description A data scientist is someone who makes conclusion out of data. He fetches data from different sources, analyses it in the best way possible and draws inferences from them. He may build specific AI tools for them to automate certain processes in a company. In this post we will go step […]

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K Nearest Neighbors and its Application in Python

K Nearest Neighbors algorithm The K Nearest Neighbors algorithm (KNN) is an elementary but important machine learning algorithm. KNN can be used for both classification and regression predictive problems. The reason for the popularity of K Nearest Neighbors can be attributed to its easy interpretation and low calculation time. Suppose we have a set of […]

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K Means Clustering And Its Application In Python

K means clustering algorithm K means clustering is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm. An unsupervised learning algorithm is applied on unlabeled data(data without defined categories or groups). The purpose of this algorithm is to find clusters(groups) in the data with the number of clusters being equal to K. The K means clustering works by randomly […]

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