BabyEarth Used Search Engine Marketing To Boost Its Revenue By More Than 125%

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downloadAbout BabyEarth:

BabyEarth is a baby products e-commerce retailer. They provide a range of products from nursery items, clothing, bathing, gifts, learning, eco-friendly products and much more.  BabyEarth offers innovative products to ensure every baby is happy, healthy and safe. It also takes care of making parent’s lives much easier.

BabyEarth Business Objective:

The objective is to examine how BabyEarth developed an approach to improve results with Google product listing ads (PLAs). BabyEarth’s main focus was to appear everywhere in the PLAs and accomplish a monthly revenue of 129% from PLAs. Apparently, from free Google shopping product listing, Google has changed to paid services, Google product listing ads (PLAs). PLAs allow ads to appear in their own box on Google results instead of text ad form. The vendor’s primary focus is the image and can also include the price, promotional message, business name and title without creating a unique ad for each selling product.

Startegy Adopted By BabyEarth:

  • BabyEarth focused on using an image to increase their PLA listing, so that when clicked on the listings, the user is taken to BabyEarth’s website product page. BabyEarth’s Chief marketing officer, Steve Steinberg, thought it was essential to start by bidding on a daily basis based on impression and performance, and test to optimize the product images for higher ROI.
  • The second step taken was to expand the SKU product targets by grouping the products and informing Google to display the best of them in the PLAs, the product people often click on. BabyEarth team aggregated targets to capture more impressions by combining multiple products into a single target.
  • The third step taken was to make sure whether each product is segmented to proper category by doing a keyword research and analyzing.  It is important to work on the title and description of a product so that Google will make it appear on that particular search.
  • The fourth and last step was to keep optimizing by analyzing that the targeted segments of products appear at the right time. The team conducted an A/B testing on a red version and blue version of the same product to find out which version performed better. Steinberg says by testing, one can track the click through rates (CTR) and sales.

Results Achieved By BabyEarth:

  • From the first sale itself, BabyEarth got a positive ROI. There was an increase in the average monthly income of 129%.
  • In August 2012, the revenue growth from PLAs was 193%, which increased in the month of September 2012 to 201%.
  • The PLAs target increased from 100 to over 10,000 to promote entire catalog.
  • Click through in August 2012 increase to 175% and in September 2012 to 91%.
  • The conversion in August 2012 increase to 38% and in September 2012 to 13%.


BabyEarth had an advantage in the search engine marketing campaign since they had fewer competitors. The key takeaway was to get ahead of their competitors and make sure that the right products were displayed at the right time in PLAs by continually testing and optimizing the process.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good to read and know about Baby Earth’s success through SEM. What type of Ecommerce model is used by the company?


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