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Sayajirao_Gaekwad_III,_Maharaja_of_Baroda,_1919About BoB

Bank of Baroda (BoB) was founded by ‘Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III’, a great man with great vision who belonged to Maratha Kingdom. It was established on 20th July, 1908 in the princely state named Baroda. BoB is Indian banking and financial company, which has its headquarters in Vadodara, formerly known as Baroda. Founder of BoB had a belief that this bank will be beneficial for people in lending, depositing and transferring of money. He feels that it will become a reason in development of industries and commerce of state in addition to development of other states. Though it was a state-owned bank, it has enhanced its prominence throughout the country, since before independence with its unique identity. Today, it is the second largest bank after State Bank of India, which acts as a witness of its unique identity.

Challenge For BoB

Bank of Baroda (BoB) two years later, established its branch in Ahmedabad. Thereafter, it has domestically developed till second world war. Later, it has increased its prominence by opening branches outside the country. Like this, in 1979 BoB established its branch in New York and provided wide range of products and services to the customers of New York city for their business requirements. It succeeded in trade business deals between India and US.

With this success in trade business, BoB has to face a challenge regarding promotion of their website in different prominent search engines and directories with top rankings. The challenge is to rank their website with high ranks using popular keywords and should get displayed in top search results.

There are many websites today, which are considered as an additional cost to the company, as there don’t get any profit and return for the company by these websites. This is because of lack of optimized content in the websites and some other deficiencies seen in designing a website.BOB LOGO

Approach/ Strategy Obtained By BoB

In order to win this challenge, BoB should get its website optimized.For this, BoB had to approach skilled team of SEO. So, they approached their team, who identified the requirements of bank and planned a strategy to satisfy their requirements.

They started examining their online customers through which, they came to know about the advantages and drawbacks of their website. Depending on these analytic reports, they introduced new applications and remedies for the site.

They obtained new strategies of introducing easy to use information pages on the site, which was very helpful to customers. Introduction of good quality informative pages helped in the enhancement of web traffic towards the site. Addition to this, they optimized the design and content of website.

A complete new design applied to website attracts more number of visitors. This was the common fact accepted by the technical team, which forced them to design the site with attractive layout and easy navigation system.

Results Obtained By BoB

With the involvement of technical team and usage of SEO tricks, traffic of website was enhanced to a great extent. Technical team designed a perfect professional website, which incorporated modern ideologies.

High security vision, sensitivity to the needs of  clients and respect for clients are the main reasons for success of a company. Today, BoB website is listed with high rankings in prominent search engines and directories resulting high web traffic towards the site. This is a great challenge accomplished by them.


Competition is increasing day-by-day in every field. Whatever business it is, strategy to obtain profits remains the same. It is obvious that all kind of businesses need promotion that ultimately obtain profit. The basic step followed to promote a business is advertising using different mediums. In present electronic world, digital medium is one of the best mediums for business promotion. With the development of technology, everyone is now aware of internet. It has changed the world and even small entrepreneur create and maintain a website for their business promotion.

There are millions of websites designed around the world. In order to make your website unique from these million sites, SEO tools should be used while designing your site. Optimization of site is compulsory to achieve best results as with the help of optimization and good quality content, number of visitors towards the site might increase. Apart from optimization of content, care should be taken while designing a website. A website with proper layout, more attractive look and clear menu options possess huge opportunities to get more number of visitors.
SEo Tools

There are many SEO tools to optimize the website but you should follow a clear strategy to achieve good results. The above case study is the success story of Bank of Baroda, which optimized its website using SEO techniques and is increasing its prominence day-by-day. Success stories using digital medium for promotion of any kind of business or a firm majorly depends on SEO and its tools. Thus, usage of SEO is the best thing for promotion and development of a business, which in turn develops the state/country’s annual income.

Bank of Baroda (BOB) which was a state-owned bank at the time of establishment, is now leading as second largest bank in India and most prominent banks in foreign countries, providing banking and financial services, is just because of its team’s will power and dedication towards their work. Another reason for BoB’s success is due to adoption of changes in technologies with time. Since its establishment, it adopted various changes, which are in favor of customers of bank. Till today, they adopted the changes and utilized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools so as to bring its website at higher ranking positions and to increase its traffic towards the site. With this step, they are now more connected to their clients.

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